4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Management Strategy

Being a great manager takes time and practice. However, this can often be a long and frustrating experience if you have never managed anyone before. People can be unpredictable and difficult to manage, along with all the other responsibilities of this role. That’s why it’s important to learn early on what works well and what doesn’t. Some things you can do to boost your management ability include:

  • Locating a mentor to guide you as a new manager
  • Taking management classes to learn how to lead better
  • Participating in management communities and networks

Let’s talk about 4 quick tips that can help improve your management strategy now.

Learn to be a strong communicator

If there is one skill you develop early on as a manager, it’s the ability to communicate well in all formats. From written messages to public speaking, you must be able to explain complex ideas in easy-to-comprehend terms for your team. Get to know your subordinates and their unique communication styles to make sure you get the message across. Be clear and concise with all communications.

Bring out the best in your people first

Being a manager is not about “me”, but more about “we”, as in your team. Look for the best in your subordinates and find out what their strengths and talents are. Assign meaningful work to employees based on their skills and interests. Boost them up and promote them often. Match complimentary skillsets up with others to maximize your workforce. Give credit when it’s due and make your people look great.

Develop the ability to delegate to others

Many managers fall into the trap of becoming control freaks, and unfortunately they are not effective as leaders. Instead, learn to break up projects into bite-size chunks and delegate tasks out to capable employees. Look for leaders from within your own teams and utilize them for keeping on top of tasks and deadlines. This is much more efficient than trying to do things on your own.

Manage change and be flexible

A big part of being an effective manager is being able to go with the flow of the business and being a change agent for the company. This means being able to lead others through changes, no matter how stressful or uncertain they are. Communicating and managing change as a manager can help you become a better manager once you go through it, but have an open mind and be open with your people during this process.

Developing the above traits as a manager can help you to grow in many ways, enabling you to be a better leader.

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