Is Your Management Style Killing Employee Creativity?

Is your team failing to provide any new ideas? Maybe they are struggling to overcome certain obstacles? In many workplaces, outdated management skills passed down from one generation to the next are to blame.


Because some management styles actually kill creativity rather than promote it. Let’s take a look at some of the ways your very own way of managing your people could be eliminating any chances that they will innovate.

Communication is limited to managers doing all the talking

In staff meetings, performance reviews, and even training and development sessions – are you the one doing most or all of the talking? This is a sure fire way to remove any collaboration or creativity from your subordinates. Instead, take the time to invite others to share their thoughts, insight, and ask questions for a more open work culture that fosters creative thinking.

Employee suggestions for improvement are shut down

The workplace should be an environment for continually improving processes and tasks. However, if employees are not encouraged to share suggestions for making improvements or working smarter, then this kills all creativity. Give employees a voice and allow them to share their ideas freely and at least give them a chance to prove they have found a way to make things more efficient.

Managers use the “do it my way or the highway” philosophy

This is such a creativity killer. Managers who rule their teams with fear rather than respect are prone to shutting their best people down using this management style. While there may be some tried and true ways of doing things at work, be open to better methods of performing tasks. Remember that each employee has a unique approach to things so your job as a manager is to honor this.

Ideas coming from employees are hijacked by middle management

There is nothing more frustrating than working for a manager who steals the ideas of their employees to look good to upper management. This kills all creativity and removes trust between management and employees, which ultimately destroys the organization from the inside out. Give credit where it’s due and recognize your employees for their thoughtful suggestions and ideas.

If you recognize yourself in any of the above management scenarios, learn to see your people as the valuable asset they are. Treat them with the same respect you would yourself. Over time, you will become a much better manager and your team will thrive with creativity.

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