7 Ways to Make a Great Impression in a First Interview

Making a great first impression in a job interview counts, especially when it’s a first interview with a dream company. Did you know that according to Forbes magazine, it takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression on someone? This is not a lot of time to work with in an interview, so how are you positioning yourself as a candidate? In this article, we will talk about ways you can stand out in a powerful and positive way when heading into your first job interview.

Have an outstanding introduction

If you have just seven seconds, how will you introduce yourself in a way that will have the greatest impact? Create a quick introduction that includes “Hello, my name is…and I am really looking forward to learning more about working here.” Use a handshake, eye contact, and a smile to seal the deal.

Be prepared for interview questions

When seconds count, candidates can do a lot to make a good impression by preparing for the toughest interview questions in advance. Research the company to find out what are the typical interview questions they ask and find interview questions relevant to the job type and industry. Practice with a friend.

Come highly recommended

Another way to walk into a first interview with confidence is to have several written recommendations printed out that you can hand out to the interviewer. This can be a great way to break the ice and it also makes a positive impression right away. If you have limited recommendations, you can also ask for them on social media sites and then put them together on one document that you can bring with you.

Get to know the company well

Having confidence in an interview often comes from doing your homework at a time. Spend as much time as possible researching the company website, any company reviews, as well as news pieces about the company. Find out what’s going on in the industry so that you have talking points. This shows that you are very serious about working for the company and creates a great first impression with the interviewer.

Dress for the company and the job

Making a good impression also involves visuals. People often make an impression about someone based on their appearance alone. Therefore, you’ll want to find out what the corporate dress code is and conform to this when walking into an interview. Take it just a step further and go with business casual just to be on the safe side. Good grooming, wardrobe, and smelling great are the hallmarks of an outstanding candidate.

Arrive to the interview on time

Whatever you do, make sure that you create a positive first impression by arriving to the interview at the time and place requested. All the other efforts you make will be null and void if you do not show up on time or if you get there too early. A rule of thumb is to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before your appointed time to meet with the interviewer. If by any chance you are running late or feel that you may get lost call the company in advance and let them know.

Use positive communication and body language

Throughout the interview it is important that you demonstrate positive and proactive verbal, written, and body language. When speaking, you will want to use plenty of positive eye contact, be articulate and smile appropriately. Think carefully about everything that you will be saying and try to build rapport with the interviewer. If you can make someone laugh in a professional way you will have the job in the bag.

By using the above methods you will be able to make a positive first impression in the very first seconds and all throughout the interview process. Don’t be surprised if you are asked back for a second or even a third interview.