Quick Resume Tips Quick Resume Tips


Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CARW, MCD

  1. Be focused and clear.
    At the top of your resume–below your name and contact information–list a combination of keywords that communicate exactly what you are targeting. These keywords can include industry, position, key strengths, size of companies (startups or Fortune 100, etc.).
  2. Use word economy when writing your objective.
    To me, the objective is the hardest part of writing a resume because it must state in just three or four lines why someone must keep reading. I have found the secret is to be sweet, short and simple. You will probably go back and edit your objective many times until you get it just right. It is equally important to focus on the results you bring rather than what you do.
  3. Bold the words you want your reader’s eye to go to first.
    Include your degree and your position titles as well as other catchwords you know your target audience wants.
  4. Watch your format.
    Unless you’re a C-level executive, try to keep your resume to either one or two full pages.
  5. Keep your bullet lists short.
    When bulleting your accomplishments under any given position, don’t go more than seven bullet points deep.
  6. Front-load your quantifiable accomplishments.
    Don’t write, “Created new training program that improved customer service satisfaction ratings by 39%.” Say, “Drove customer satisfaction ratings 39% through creating an innovative training program for the customer service department.”


About the author:

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CARW, MCD
Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer & Master Career Director
As seen and heard in: The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek & The Business Journal.