Good afternoon Tim,
My name is Brian Wolf and I am currently working with Erin on a possible position. I wanted to take a few moments and give you some feedback on Erin and her attitude while working with me. As you know when you’re unemployed, people tend to see you as someone quite different; to the government you’re a statistic, family and friends you’re unfortunate, to employment agencies you’re mostly a number to fill a quota, but then…there’s Erin.

When I began the journey working with her, she saw me as not just a person, but as a business professional looking for a home. Having worked with a number of different agencies in my search (many of them local and well known), this was frankly something I was not used to. During the phone portion of getting acquainted Erin gave me some generic information about the potential employer, but not their name, a common practice and she said that we should meet at your office. It seemed that Erin and I were more friends than “sales rep and quota filler” from the moment I met her at the door, again very refreshing. During the meeting I informed her that I was able to deduce the company in question, and research it. Having done this with other agencies, I have found that the response is usually less than happy, but as a sales rep my job is to dig deep and get the information that people don’t supply freely. Erin on the other hand was
“delighted” that I had taken the time to find information on the company, and to research it, this way we could have an intelligent conversation about the company to make 100% sure that I would be a good fit. Needless to say speaking with her was and continues to be an absolute pleasure.

If you ask Erin, she will tell you that I live my life around perspective, not rose-colored glasses mind you, but pure and even perspective. While I have not actually heard if I have landed the position with GLT yet, I have gained something quite valuable and that is a resource that I trust and would trust to send friends to as well; a commodity that is hard to find in today’s world.

In closing I would like to say that Erin’s positive perspective, outgoing attitude and dogged determination to make things right brings great credit upon her and your organization, and it will be my pleasure to, as stated earlier refer friends to Erin.
Thank you for your time and have a TREMENDOUS weekend.