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Make a Lasting Impression on Day 1! Here’s How!

When you’ve landed one of the amazing jobs in Mentor, Ohio, it’s common to be both nervous and excited about your first day. After all, it’s a great opportunity, but it also means meeting a lot of people for the first time. You want to make a lasting positive impression on your manager and coworkers,… Read More »

Sure, Work is Important, But so is a Week Vacation to Regroup and Relax

When you work at a demanding job, it can be difficult to imagine taking time off to rest and recuperate. But choosing not to take a vacation from work can actually leave you feeling worn out and overwhelmed, which can ultimately harm your performance more than planning time away. So, before you discount the value… Read More »

Chill Out! Here’s How to Calm Your Nerves Before an Interview

If you’re looking for jobs in Mentor, Ohio, you might be concerned about your stress level during an interview and how to come across as calm, cool, and collected when you feel anything but. Being prepared can help you sort out your concerns and land the right opportunity. Companies are looking for more than just skills, they… Read More »

Want to Get Better at Your Job? Start by Improving Your Personal Life and Creating Balance

It doesn’t matter if you read it in a self-help book or heard it from employment firms in Mentor Ohio; the advice is timeless and accurate—if you want to be a top-notch employee, you must create balance in your life. Sure, you’ve also heard about the workaholic who dedicates seventy or more hours each week… Read More »

Starting a New Job? Make Sure You Avoid THESE Topics with Your New Coworkers

Avoid These Topics with Your Coworkers | Jobs in Mentor Ohio

Starting brand new jobs in Mentor Ohio can be a very exciting time. Naturally, you will want to make a good first impression with your coworkers. You may find that the best way to do this is to make small talk with your coworkers. This can be helpful to find a common ground with others… Read More »