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Are You an Expert? Use Positioning to Attract Passive Job Seekers in Cleveland

Connecting with passive candidates is significantly more challenging than reaching active job seekers. Since they are not focused on finding a new position, though they are open to opportunities, they are typically highly selective about the roles they pursue. Whether you find candidates through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or using your own recruitment methods,… Read More »

How Your Job Posting Might Be Scaring Candidates Away

When you create a job posting, your goal is to find the ideal candidate. However, if you aren’t finding the kinds of professionals you need or aren’t seeing a decent number of applications, it is possible that something in your vacancy announcement is actually scaring job seekers away. If you don’t correct the issues, hiring… Read More »

What Key Skills Should You Identify When Hiring a New Employee?

Hiring a New Employee in Cleveland | Vector Technical Inc.

When it comes time to hire a new employee, most hiring managers focus on a candidate’s technical skills. However, while these are important, they are only part of the broader picture, and hard skills alone don’t always determine whether a new hire will be successful. Instead, you also need to seek out valuable soft skills… Read More »

Best Practices for Connecting and Hiring Recent College Graduates

Best practices for connecting and hiring recent college graduates | Vector Technical Inc

When you’re looking to fill an entry-level position, a recent college graduate may be the ideal candidate. These newly-minted professionals have the latest knowledge in their field and are often excited to land their first opportunity regardless of whether they apply directly or through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio. But connecting with recent college graduates… Read More »

How can you create a workplace employees love?

Create a workplace employees love | Temp Agencies in Cleveland Ohio

It has long been understood that when workplaces are filled with happy employees, they tend to be highly productive environments that other companies envy. This doesn’t happen overnight. Building a culture that encourages employees to fall in love with the company and its objectives takes a concerted effort. Much of this comes from careful selection… Read More »

Don’t Let the Fear of Change Get in the Way of Growing Your Business

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to start and grow a business into a profitable entity. Yet, with this expansion comes a nagging fear of the unknown. Oftentimes, business owners ask themselves, “What if the company grows too fast and doesn’t have the resources to take on new things?” or, “What happens if there is too much… Read More »