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A Look at the Best Trends on Recognizing Employees for the Success and Achievements

Recognition is a critical component of any company’s culture. Without it, you may struggle to retain your best and brightest employees, as they may feel that their efforts are going unnoticed.  Whether you want to acknowledge the achievements of your permanent team members or accomplishments made by short-term workers you secured through staffing firms in Cleveland,… Read More »

Creative Interview Questions to Help You Better Screen Potential New Hires

An interview is a fact-finding mission, and you want to gather as much pertinent information as possible in a relatively short time. While certain tried-and-true questions are undoubtedly valuable, many candidates rehearse their answers for standard inquiries, ensuring they are as poised and thorough as possible. By asking original interview questions, you can learn how… Read More »

3 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Improve Your Confidence and Increase Your Hirability

Phone interviews are starting to become the norm in the recruitment world. Many hiring managers turn to phone interviews to screen candidates before they bring them in for personal interviews. This helps them to weed out unsuitable candidates and it saves money and time on travel and other aspects of face-to-face interviews. It’s absolutely critical… Read More »

5 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Their Hard Work

A large part of any manager’s job is to make sure that employees are actively engaged in their work and feel appreciated on a regular basis. But managers can’t just go around saying “thanks” and expect this to happen. Instead, it’s up to managers to find creative ways to regularly demonstrate appreciation for the hard… Read More »

Employee Turnover: Is It Eating Up Your Profits?

By Marcia Zidle Keeping the cost of doing business down, yet providing a quality product or service is one of the most critical components of success for today’s leader. What many fail to realize is that employee turnover can represent a very substantial price tag to a company’s productivity and its bottom line. Turnover is… Read More »

2015 ACA Changes: Are you on Top of Your Game?

We’re two months in – is your organization doing everything it can to stay compliant, and minimize costs, while still meeting your business demands? Whether your company is large or small, it’s essential to know how the latest Affordable Care Act (ACA) reforms will impact your company – and how your staffing partner can help… Read More »

Stop Perfectionism: Some Things are Good Enough!

Have you ever delegated a task to someone, then taken it back because the person didn’t do it the “right way”? Which of course is your way, because your way is the perfect way. You may suffer from the disease of perfectionism. Do these phrases sound familiar? “If I let someone else do this, it… Read More »

Move Over — Watson Needs a Seat in the Boardroom

The term “artificial intelligence” conjures images of Watson, IBM’s mastermind computer, defeating the world’s top Jeopardy! players in 2011. Or, going a little farther back, perhaps you remember the matchup between IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue and world chess champion Gary Kasparov. Kasparov won the first match in 1996 but the computer, with an assist from… Read More »

Crossing the Line – Leadership Tips

Confident, effective leadership. It’s what we all aspire to, isn’t it? When you were starting out, chances are you admired and sought to emulate an inspiring leader. Someone who exuded knowledge, competence and confidence. You wanted to work for that person and learn their secrets! But then one day, you found yourself disappointed. That leader… Read More »

Still Fighting Fires? 4 Fresh Approaches to Problem Solving

If you’re like most leaders, you pride yourself on your ability to solve problems. You confront challenges head-on and enact swift solutions to keep your company on track and avoid disruption. It’s what makes you a leader, right? But what if the problem isn’t really…a problem? Or what if solving the problem only creates new… Read More »