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How to Find an Employer That’s Focused on Your Long-Term Growth

Unless you are at the end of your career and planning to retire soon, you probably want to keep moving forward on your chosen path. By finding an employer that can assist with your professional development, you may find it easier to achieve your goals, allowing you to make progress more quickly. But figuring out… Read More »

Why Every Job Seeker Should Attend 1 Networking Event in Cleveland Every Month

Networking Events for Job Seekers in Cleveland

For many, the idea of attending a networking event isn’t necessarily enticing. However, if you are a job seeker, these gatherings can be incredibly valuable. Whether you are managing your job search on your own or are partnering with leading temp agencies in Mentor, Ohio, here’s why every job seeker should attend at least one… Read More »

How to Position Your Response When Your View Differs from Your Coworkers

Positioning Your Response When Your View Differs from Coworkers

Disagreements happen in every workplace. However, a difference of opinion doesn’t have to result in a full-blown conflict, a situation that can hurt morale, productivity, and efficiency. Often, it is how a varying viewpoint is discussed that determines whether the conversation is constructive or destructive. By positioning your response properly, you can express your perspective… Read More »

Start Delivering More Comprehensive Feedback with This Guide

Delivering Comprehensive Feedback

Providing employee feedback is a task nearly every manager has to take on, giving them an opportunity to help their team improve. However, many company leaders struggle in this area, either providing not enough information or not being particularly constructive. Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure that your feedback is both thorough… Read More »

What Key Skills Should You Identify When Hiring a New Employee?

Hiring a New Employee in Cleveland | Vector Technical Inc.

When it comes time to hire a new employee, most hiring managers focus on a candidate’s technical skills. However, while these are important, they are only part of the broader picture, and hard skills alone don’t always determine whether a new hire will be successful. Instead, you also need to seek out valuable soft skills… Read More »

Four Actions to Take When You Realize Your Job Isn’t for You Anymore

Deciding a Job Isn't Right for You Anymore | Vector Technical Inc.

At some point in your career, you’re likely going to have the dawning realization that your job isn’t right for you anymore. This could creep up on you slowly over time or may hit you like a ton of bricks, seemingly coming out of nowhere. While figuring out that your position is no longer a… Read More »

The Key to Employee Retention Starts with Valuing Their Hard Work… Here’s Why

In today’s labor market, high turnover can be detrimental to your success. High unemployment means skilled professionals have options, and smaller talent pools make it challenging to fill critical vacancies should an employee choose to leave. Improving your retention rates can have a significant impact on your company’s ability to operate efficiently. By keeping your… Read More »

Make a Lasting Impression on Day 1! Here’s How!

When you’ve landed one of the amazing jobs in Mentor, Ohio, it’s common to be both nervous and excited about your first day. After all, it’s a great opportunity, but it also means meeting a lot of people for the first time. You want to make a lasting positive impression on your manager and coworkers,… Read More »

How Can You Start to Get More Buy-in for Your Ideas at Work?

When you know you have an amazing idea at work, you usually won’t hesitate to share it. However, just because you love your plan doesn’t mean everyone else will automatically feel the same way, regardless of how brilliant it may be or its potential value to the organization. You may encounter resistance, skepticism, or even… Read More »

Three Steps to Improve Your Meeting Agenda to Increase Productivity


When professionals recall the most productive parts of their day, meetings are usually the last things that come to mind. While these coordinated discussions are unavoidable at times, many are filled with timewasters that lead these interactions to carry on longer than necessary or that allow the conversation to deviate in random directions. Whether you… Read More »