How Vector Technical Customizes Aerospace Staffing Solutions for Your Business

Vector Technical customizes aerospace staffing solutions for your business. We closely collaborate with you to understand your unique staffing requirements. Then, we deliver tailored solutions that align with your business objectives and project timelines.

As the trusted staffing agency for Cleveland, Ohio, aerospace businesses, Vector Technical connects the right aerospace professionals with the right jobs the first time. We provide on-demand aerospace talent with the skills and experience required to maintain production demands.

Your Aerospace Business’s Source for Skilled Professionals

Advances in technology are creating additional aerospace jobs. As a result, more skilled aerospace professionals are needed to fill these roles.

Because the required skills and experience vary among aerospace roles, it is in your business’s best interest to let a skilled trade staffing agency handle the hiring process. Working with Vector Technical provides peace of mind. Our knowledge, experience, and track record of success ensure you receive customized aerospace staffing solutions.

Vector Technical’s Process for Customizing Aerospace Solutions for Your Business

Vector Technical’s aerospace search and recruitment process begins when you place an order:

  • Your account representative talks in detail about the aerospace position requirements.
  • The representative forwards the specs to our staffing coordinators.
  • Our staffing coordinators search our database for the most qualified aerospace applicants currently available in our system.
  • We refer the best available aerospace candidates.

Fast response time

The timeframe to find an aerospace employee for you depends on our current employee database and your business’s specific needs. Vector Technical will respond to you about your order status within 30 minutes and keep you informed throughout the aerospace recruiting process.

Background checks

Vector Technical offers driving records, criminal background checks, and drug screens for our aerospace professionals upon your request if resources are available. We also verify the skills and work experience of the temporary aerospace employees we refer.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Vector Technical realizes that not every job is a fit for every professional. Therefore, it might not be clear that an aerospace professional is not a good fit until they start working. As a result, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our aerospace referral, if you notify us within the first 8 hours of employment, we will cancel all charges for unsatisfactory work and immediately refer a replacement.

Our temp-to-hire program lets you observe an aerospace employee in the work setting to determine whether you might want to permanently hire them. We also offer direct-hire placement services for aerospace employees. Our satisfaction guarantees depend on our contract with you.

Reasons to Partner with Vector Technical for Your Business’s Aerospace Staffing Solutions

Advertising aerospace roles, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and conducting interviews require significant time and money. Therefore, Vector Technical’s professional recruiters are trained to provide customized aerospace staffing solutions to benefit your business. As a result, we can fill your aerospace positions for less time and money than you can on your own.

Temp-to-hire program

Vector Technical’s temp-to-hire program lets you avoid the stress of hiring a permanent aerospace employee and finding out they are not qualified for the position. Our try-before-you-buy approach means you can request a replacement aerospace employee if you are not satisfied with our referral. We cover worker’s compensation and unemployment costs until the aerospace employee is added to your payroll.

Employee training and certification

Vector Technical provides training and certification for our office staff. As a result, we can serve as a resource when you have questions about staffing and employment.

Cost of services

The cost to use Vector Technical’s customized aerospace staffing solutions for your business is based on factors such as account volume, workers’ compensation costs, and the required skill level. We are committed to providing your business with quality aerospace employees at a competitive price.

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence Advanced Hiring Solution

In an ideal world, you could clone your top aerospace employees to duplicate their performance. To mimic this process for the real world, Vector Technical developed an approach to hiring that provides similar results.

Our PAR Excellence process combines benchmarking and assessment to ensure you hire top aerospace performers. Using our process lets you make the right hiring decisions for temporary or full-time aerospace talent.

Scientific approach to hiring

PAR Excellence is an advanced hiring process that takes the guesswork out of candidate evaluation:

PAR Excellence process


  • We develop a detailed Position Profile with the hiring manager.
  • We interview aerospace high achievers to validate their skill requirements and duties.


  • We benchmark your current high-achieving aerospace employees on critical skills to determine performance standards.
  • We calibrate the acceptable performance criteria.


  • We evaluate and recruit aerospace candidates using the defined performance benchmarks.
  • We refer to you several aerospace candidates who meet or exceed the requirements.

PAR Excellence Difference

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence advanced hiring process is much more effective than traditional aerospace skill matching and intuition hiring. Our objective, performance-based process makes it easier to find top aerospace performers. Because you get the right aerospace professional the first time, you save time by finding qualified candidates who fit with your company’s culture and the position.

Frequently Asked Questions About PAR Excellence  

  1. Is the PAR Excellence advanced hiring process as expensive as it sounds?

No, our PAR Excellence advanced hiring process is available to our clients at no additional charge.

  1. Is the PAR Excellence advanced hiring process as much work as it sounds?

No, our PAR Excellence advanced hiring process requires a small amount of your aerospace supervisor’s and current employees’ time to develop our benchmark data. When the process is finished, we save you time by referring highly qualified aerospace candidates.

  1. Do you use the PAR Excellence advanced hiring process for every job order?

No, but we can. Although our PAR Excellence advanced hiring process was designed for any position to increase the probability of hiring a top performer, we realize it might not be practical for every aerospace hiring need.

Receive Customized Aerospace Staffing Solutions for Your Business

Vector Technical is Cleveland’s top provider of customized aerospace staffing solutions for businesses. Contact us today to start taking advantage of our PAR Excellence advanced hiring process to find reliable temporary and full-time aerospace hires.