Vector Technical’s Compliance-Driven Approach to Aerospace Staffing

Vector Technical’s compliance-driven approach to aerospace staffing is unlike any other. Our commitment to compliance and safety in aerospace staffing ensures our candidates meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

We conduct in-house interviews, testing assessments, and background checks to determine which aerospace candidates to add to our database. Our thorough vetting process ensures we send fully qualified candidates to interview with clients.

Why Employers Choose Vector Technical to Fill Their Aerospace Staffing Needs

Advertising aerospace job openings, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and conducting interviews require substantial time and money. These activities leave less time to focus on revenue-generating business activities. Therefore, working with a staffing firm specializing in aerospace is an effective solution.

Employers choose Vector Technical to help fill their aerospace staffing needs because of our expertise. Our experienced recruiters are trained to quickly fill aerospace roles.

The timeframe to refer an aerospace employee depends on our current employee database and the employer’s unique needs. Because we are committed to sending the most qualified aerospace applicants, we respond to the status of an order within 30 minutes. We also keep each employer informed throughout the aerospace recruiting process.

Vector Technical’s temp-to-hire program

Vector Technical’s temp-to-hire program lets employers avoid the stress of hiring a permanent aerospace employee who might not work out. Each employer can see the aerospace employee in the work setting and determine whether to permanently hire them.

Our try-before-you-buy approach means if an employer is not completely satisfied with an aerospace employee we refer, we will provide a replacement before they are added to the employer’s payroll. We also cover worker’s compensation and unemployment costs until the aerospace employee is permanently hired.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We understand that not every job is a fit for every candidate. Therefore, an employer might discover that an aerospace referral is wrong for a position.

The employer can let us know within the first 8 hours of temp-to-hire employment if they are not satisfied with the quality of our aerospace referral. Then, we will cancel all charges for unsatisfactory work and immediately refer a replacement.

Vector Technical also offers direct-hire placement services. Our satisfaction guarantee varies based on our contract with the employer.

Office staff training and certification

We invest in training and certification for our office staff. Therefore, we can serve as a resource to answer employers’ questions about aerospace staffing and employment.

Find Top Aerospace Talent

The current aerospace hiring landscape differs from the past. Today’s aerospace employees seek companies that offer diverse work environments, flexibility, competitive compensation and benefits, and more. As a result, many hiring managers have difficulty filling aerospace roles.

Working with a direct-hire agency such as Vector Technical makes the aerospace hiring process easier. Our background and knowledge guarantee top aerospace candidates.

Vector Technical’s 30 years of staffing experience

Vector Technical has 30+ years of experience with direct-hire aerospace recruiting. Our strict, unparalleled, customized hiring process uses sourcing and screening methodology to deliver top aerospace talent.

We work closely with active and passive aerospace candidates to connect talent and employers who are uniquely suited to work together. All aerospace candidates added to our database passed a thorough application and interview process and met certain criteria. We also can provide criminal background checks, driving records, and drug screens for aerospace candidates upon request.

Vector Technical’s Process for Finding Aerospace Employees

We immediately begin our search and recruitment efforts when we receive an order:

  • An account representative goes over the aerospace position requirements in detail.
  • The representative forwards the specs to our aerospace staffing coordinators.
  • The coordinators search our database for the most qualified and currently available aerospace applicants.
  • We refer a few top aerospace candidates for interviews.
  • The employer extends a job offer to the selected candidate.
  • We negotiate the job offer on behalf of the candidate.
  • If the employer is new, we complete a credit approval process and issue a purchase order with the terms of the agreement and other information about our services and policies.

Vector Technical’s PAR Excellence Advanced Hiring Solutions

Traditional hiring methods do not let employers duplicate a star aerospace employee’s performance. Also, skill matching and intuition do not guarantee a successful aerospace hire. As a result, Vector Technical created a new approach to hiring.

We combine benchmarking and assessment to provide a more reliable method to ensure our aerospace clients hire top temporary or full-time performers. Our objective, performance-based process makes it easier to find top aerospace performers who fit with a company’s culture. We ensure each employer receives the right aerospace talent when needed.

Scientific Approach to Hiring

Our PAR Excellence advanced hiring process takes the guesswork out of aerospace candidate evaluation:


  • Develop a detailed aerospace Position Profile with the hiring manager.
  • Interview current aerospace high achievers to validate their job duties and skill requirements.


  • Benchmark high-achieving aerospace employees on essential skills to create performance standards.
  • Determine acceptable performance criteria.


  • Use the defined performance benchmarks to hire and evaluate aerospace candidates.
  • Refer the aerospace candidates who meet or exceed the requirements.

Frequently asked questions about the PAR Excellence program

  1. Is the PAR Excellence program as expensive as it sounds?

No, the PAR Excellence process is available to clients at no additional charge.

  1. Is the PAR Excellence program as much work as it sounds like?

No, the PAR Excellence process requires a small amount of supervisors’ and current employees’ time to develop our benchmark data. After we finish, we refer highly qualified aerospace candidates to save time in the hiring process.

  1. Is the PAR Excellence program used for every job order?

No, we realize the PAR Excellence process might not be practical for every hiring need. However, we can use the process for any aerospace position to increase the probability of hiring a top performer.

Hire Outstanding Aerospace Employees

Vector Technical is here to help employers hire outstanding aerospace employees. As one of the top Cleveland staffing firms, we have the resources to find you top aerospace talent.

Top aerospace employers in Cleveland, Willoughby, Solon, and surrounding Ohio communities trust us with their temp-to-hire and direct-hire needs. Our knowledgeable aerospace staffing experts meet with each employer to discuss their specific needs.

Partner with Vector Technical to Fill Your Aerospace Staffing Needs

Vector Technical is ready to fill your unique aerospace staffing needs. Contact us to start the process today.