Do You Have to Provide References on a Job Application?

Most job seekers understand that providing references is part of a traditional hiring process. Whether you’re going for a permanent position or looking for short-term roles through temporary employment agencies, there will likely be a reference check.

But many candidates aren’t sure when is the right time to provide contact information for references. They may wonder if they have to be part of the initial application materials or if they are better off sharing those details later.

In the end, the ideal timing for delivering that information can vary. With that in mind, here is a look at some common questions regarding when to provide references.

Do You Have to Provide References on a Job Application?

Generally speaking, you only have to provide references on an initial job application if they are specifically requested. For example, some standardized application forms have a designated spot for references’ contact details, and they list those fields as mandatory.

Some employers who don’t use standardized application forms may also request references as part of the standard process. Often, when this occurs, they’ll include a list of mandatory documents, such as a resume, cover letter, and list of references.

In either of those cases, providing references during the application phase is being treated as mandatory by the company. Failing to fill in the required fields in a standardized application could prevent you from being able to submit the application. Additionally, not including the reference list when you’re sending in a resume and cover letter could be viewed as not following the instructions and may disqualify you from further consideration.

What Should You Do If References Aren’t Required on the Application?

If the company doesn’t explicitly request references during the application process, you don’t need to provide them at that point. Some employers wait until they narrow down the candidates. Then, they only check references on those that are being considered for a formal offer.

Usually, you don’t have to supply references until the company asks for them. If they aren’t mandatory during the application phase, they are typically requested after the first or second interview, depending on the number of rounds the employer uses.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your reference list earlier. While you don’t want to include that information on your resume or in your cover letter, having a separate reference document saved and ready to print or email is smart. You may even want to bring a few copies to your interview if you are meeting in person. That way, as soon as the employer asks for it, you can get it to them immediately.

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