How Is Leadership Different from Management?

Many bosses have heard that successfully overseeing a team involves more than merely managing them; you also have to lead. However, this creates the idea that leadership is somehow better or more important than management, and that isn’t necessarily the case.

In many ways, when you’re responsible for employees working in full-time jobs in Cleveland, a bit of both is necessary. In a way, management and leadership are two sides of the same coin, fundamentally different in various ways but equally critical.

If you are wondering how leadership differs from management and why both are important, here’s what you need to know.

What Is Management?

In many ways, management focuses on the nitty-gritty. It’s the process of controlling the activities of a team, such as by delegating tasks, setting expectations, and establishing procedures. Planning for the future and thinking strategically play a big role as well, ensuring employees are working toward the same goals and setting the company up for success.

Management can include professional development, as well. Creating training opportunities and acting as a mentor can fall in this category, though the latter can also fall into the realm of leadership.

Much of management is methodical and logical. It’s mostly focused on function, process, and organization, ensuring tasks are handled in a timely manner and that the necessary quality standards are achieved.

What Is Leadership?

With leadership, there is an emotional quality. It’s about getting your team on the same page by sharing your vision and making their work meaningful. Additionally, it involves motivating them to thrive, encouraging them to hone their skills, and supporting them with they face obstacles.

Leaders also serve as exceptional examples of the company’s mission and goals. They lead by doing, exuding everything they expect their team to be through strong communication, accountability, and more. They give trust and work to earn the trust of their employees.

How Management and Leadership Work Together

Often, embracing both management and leadership techniques is essential. It brings together the mind and heart. You ensure success by ensuring the technical aspects of your position are appropriately handled while also encouraging the growth and development of your team while enhancing your connection to them and the company’s culture.

Leadership without management and management without leadership won’t breed long-term success. Alone, each approach is lacking. With the former, you may be inspiring and supportive but fall short when it comes to planning or organization. With the latter, you may have the technical aspects fully addressed but aren’t promoting growth and trust.

But, when brought together, you’re creating opportunities for everyone to thrive. In the end, that’s what matters, and is why adopting both mindsets is a must for every boss.

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