What Is the Best Way to Manage Employees with Differing Emotional Qualities?

Most teams are made up of employees with a range of personalities. Often, these differences are a benefit, creating a level of diversity and covering a wider range of capabilities. However, when your workers have differing emotional qualities, it can lead to some management challenges.

Whether you’re working to fill team job openings in Cleveland, Ohio, and are likely going to add a new personality to the mix or currently oversee employees with a variety of emotional qualities, it is possible to manage them all successfully. Here’s how to get started.

Get to Know Your Employees as Individuals

Understanding an employee’s personality requires effort. You have to get to know them as an individual, preferably outside of the team dynamic.

Your goal shouldn’t be to temper their emotional differences, at least not initially. Instead, you want to learn about what makes them tick. Find out how they respond to various stimuli, such as motivation or constructive criticism approaches. Explore how they engage with others. Gather insights about their mindset and workplace preferences.

Make sure you come from a place of empathy and focus heavily on listening. As you do, you’ll discover details about each employee’s emotional qualities, allowing you to determine the best way to interact with them and, if necessary, diffuse conflicts among team members.

Adapt Your Approach

Agility is your ally when you’re leading a team brimming with different personality types. The same management approach isn’t going to work universally. Instead, you’ll need to adapt your leadership style to each team member.

Consider which communication approach resonates with each employee. Reflect on how each one prefers to be motivated or what they find meaningful in the workplace.

While you don’t necessarily have to adjust your expectations based on differing emotional qualities – particularly if that could result in perceived favoritism – you do want to make sure your approach matches the individual. That way, you can help the worker be at their best, enhancing individual and group success.

Ensure Everyone Feels Heard and Respected

As a manager, you may have to diffuse conflict. Additionally, you might need to take the reins when issues arise, creating opportunities that can lead to a solution.

One of the biggest steps you can take is to ensure that all team members feel heard and respected. If a disagreement erupts, temper the situation by giving everyone a chance to state their position. Use active listening skills, including rephrasing what each worker shares to ensure full understanding and ask probing questions for clarity. If other employees are involved, do the same for each one.

This approach allows you to navigate different personalities by learning more about their perspective and thoughts. When you do, you’re empowered to address concerns, answer questions, or provide guidance that’s appropriate for the situation at hand. You’ll have a chance to bring everyone together through greater understanding, and that can make a world of difference.

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