What Are the Core Skills Needed to Manage a Team?

Whether you have a full, permanent team or are working to fill jobs hiring in Cleveland, Ohio, to round out your team’s capabilities. Having the skills to manage your workforce is a must. With the right skill set, you can guide your employees through challenging times, keep them motivated, and ensure that productivity remains high.  Including when you’re shorthanded.

Figuring out which skills will have the biggest impact can difficult. Luckily, certain capabilities are universally beneficial. If you want to make sure you can excel at managing a team. Here are some core skills you need to bring to the table.


Many companies had to deal with unprecedented change during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Without flexibility, navigating the unexpected and dealing with shifting paradigms can be incredibly challenging. If not outright impossible.

Flexibility keeps you agile as a manager. You’re open to adjusting course in response to the situation or your workforce’s needs. That ensures you can adapt to any scenario. Which makes it possible to maintain high levels of productivity no matter what comes your way.

Emotional Intelligence

Having the ability to understand the perspective of others is critical for managers. With a high degree of emotional intelligence. You can gauge how your team is feeling, drive good behavior, and become a skilled motivator.

Plus, emotional intelligence can make you a more effective communicator. You’ll be better equipped to assess the mindsets of those you’re working with, ensuring you can adapt your approach as needed to achieve the desired result.


If you expect your team to exhibit accountability, then you need to have that skill, as well. When managers are able to lead by example, taking ownership of their duties and any related outcomes, your employees will be more comfortable doing the same.

Without accountability, you can incidentally breed a level of distrust. Additionally, if your team sees that you’re not willing to take responsibility for your choices, actions, or behaviors, they’ll be inclined to act the same way. That’s what makes accountability such a vital leadership skill.


Managers have to have the ability to be bold. Without courage, it’s often hard to make critical decisions, as the fear of what the outcome could be may stop you in your tracks.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to act irresponsibly or skip due diligence. Instead, courage in this respect is about being willing to make hard choices and push forward, even when you can’t be fully sure of the outcome at the time.

Ultimately, all of the skills above are crucial for managing a team. With them by your side, your odds of success rise, ensuring you can support and guide your employees and ensure they’ll be at their best.

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