The Key to Making the Best Decision Possible, When Needing to Act Fast

Sometimes, company leaders need to make decisions shockingly quickly. Emergency situations can require immediate action, ensuring any harm or potential damage is mitigated, if not wholly avoided.

Additionally, operational choices may have to be handled with speed. For example, if you’re battling with skill gaps or need to ramp up your workforce to deal with a surprise influx in demand, you can’t dawdle when selecting a provider for hiring support in Cleveland if you want to remain productive and meet company goals.

Luckily, it is possible to make choices quickly without having to sacrifice quality. If you need to act fast, here’s the key to making the best decisions possible.

Focus on Your Company’s Mission

Ultimately, every company is working toward a goal. There is a singular priority in place, one that sits higher than the rest.

If you need to make a decision quickly, focusing on that mission can make that easier. It lets you know where you should be concentrating your efforts, as every move should bring your organization closer to that core objective.

Reflect on the choices you have available and determine if a particular path best aligns with your mission. At times, that alone will give you enough guidance, as one option will stand heads and shoulders above others when that perspective is taken into account.

If more than one path could align with your goal, you can examine each one to see if there is a best-fit choice or one that provides a secondary benefit. For example, is there an approach that is more cost-effective? Would one be easier to implement? Is one of the options a better long-run choice, or would it better support secondary or tertiary goals?

Create a Quick Scorecard

You can even create a quick scorecard to assist you during the analysis process. It’s important to remember that all questions can typically be turned into binary decisions, a simple “yes” or “no” style approach. Look at your choices and reflect on the questions above, adjusting them slightly to embrace this methodology (Is approach A the most cost-effective? Is option B the easiest to implement? etc.). As you do, answer with a simple “yes” or “no.”

By making your company’s mission the focus above all else, you’re giving yourself a priority direction. It allows you to keep what’s most important in mind at every stage. As long as the choice you make aligns with your organization’s highest priority goal, there’s a good chance it’s the best decision you can possibly make at that moment.

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