Wake Up! Five Career Skills You Can Start Developing by Putting in Just 2-3 Hours on the Weekend

Many people falsely assume that you can only learn career-benefitting skills on the job or through school. In reality, there are plenty of skills that you can start developing on your own, and many only require a few hours each week to hone.

If you want to boost your career prospects and qualify for jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, here are five career skills you can acquire on your own time.

1. Writing

Written communication skills are critical for all professionals. It ensures you can convey information well when you create reports, emails, and a range of documents. Plus, it allows you to be a more effective networker and boost your professional brand, as most social media platforms rely heavily on written posts, comments, and messages.

Whether you decide to look for some online writing exercises or attend a workshop, you can significantly improve your capabilities in just a few hours on the weekend. It’s a worthwhile venture for anyone who wants to boost their career.

2. Foreign Language

There are plenty of programs designed to help people learn a new language. Whether you prefer to use a smartphone app or computer software, some options only require a few hours of your time each week.

Being bilingual can benefit your career, especially if you choose a second language that’s in-demand in your community or current profession. While it can take time to establish your fluency, it’s a journey worth taking.

3. Coding

If you work in the tech arena, having a basic understanding of coding is helpful. In some cases, you’ll be able to put the skills to use, broadening your horizon. In others, it at least ensures you can keep up with certain technical conversations at work, making you a more valuable team member.

There is a wide selection of free online resources that can help you get started, many of which include great exercises for honing your skills. Not only will you pick up something valuable, but you may also discover that coding is a passion and have what you need for a career pivot faster than you’d expect.

4. Software

Technology is engrained in every industry. If specific software programs are widely used in your current or target field, then enhancing your expertise is a smart move.

Often, you can find free tutorials, video guides, and how-to walkthroughs online with relative ease. They can introduce you to features and their uses, and some may even let you try them out. This can make you a stronger candidate for positions in your field, making it a great way to bolster your career.

5. Teamwork

Being able to work well as part of a team is essential. If you want to improve your capabilities in this area, you have a ton of options. You could volunteer on the weekends, taking on projects with others who wanted to donate their time. Joining a sports league, bowling team, or similar arrangement could also work, as it requires you to coordinate with others if you’re going to succeed.

Do You Have Skills That’ll Let You Move Forward in Your Career?

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