Three Ways to Train Your Managers to Create a Retention-Friendly Work Environment

Everyone’s heard the adage that professionals don’t quit their jobs; they quit their managers. Often, company leaders have a profound impact on a company’s culture, and how they act and their attitudes play a big role in employee satisfaction.

Luckily, it is possible to train any manager on how to create a retention-friendly environment. Whether you want to make sure your permanent staff stays for the long haul or that your contingent workers through staffing agencies in Painesville, Ohio, remain on board for their full assignments, here are three things your leaders should learn how to do.

Send Positive “Micro-Messages”

Even small actions can have a profound impact on a company’s culture. Positive micro-messages are simple activities that make a surprising difference, so training your managers to use them properly is a smart move.

For example, making sure that leaders make direct eye contact with employees helps them feel noticed and seen. Encouraging all workers to contribute during discussions increases the odds that they’ll believe their contributions and perspective are valued. Taking some time to ask your team, questions can go a long way to building a stronger rapport.

The goal is to use micro-messages to create a series of positive interactions, increasing the chances that your employees will view the environment as friendly, welcoming, and supportive.

Actively Listen and Avoid Interrupting

Employees who feel genuinely heard while on the job are typically happier and more satisfied in their positions. Active listening involves genuinely focusing on the person who is speaking and not thinking about your response while someone else talks. It ensures that everyone is fully engaged in the discussion and that no one misses something important because they were focused on their next chance to speak and not what is being said.

By teaching your managers active listening skills and ensuring they avoid interrupting their teams, workers will feel confident that their ideas have been heard and their contributions are valued.

Make “Thank You” a Habit

Acknowledging employee efforts with a simple “thank you” can make a surprising amount of difference. Workers will feel appreciated, leading to higher engagement, loyalty, and motivation.

If you want to make sure your manager’s come off as genuine, train them to address their employees by naming when expressing their gratitude. Additionally, teach them to be specific, identifying the exact trait or contribution that made them want to show their appreciation.

By training your managers in the three areas above, you can create a retention-friendly environment and a more positive overall culture.

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