Employee Appreciation Ideas to Help You Prepare for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is getting closer every day. While many managers consider the holiday to be a perfect time to showcase their gratitude for their friends and family, it’s also an excellent time for employee appreciation.

By recognizing your workforce, you create a positive environment, increase motivation, and enhance job satisfaction. If you want to show your permanent employees and contingent workers from staffing firms in Willoughby, Ohio, that you appreciate everything they do for your company, here are some ideas to get you started.

Hire a Caterer for a Team Meal

Having a meal as a team can be a great way to bond. However, holding a potluck might not be ideal for employee appreciation. Not only would you be asking them to help with food near one of the biggest cooking-oriented holidays of the year, but it also costs your workers money.

Instead, hire a caterer and reserve a conference room. That way, your employees can enjoy some amazing food without any of the burden being placed on their shoulders.

Write Thank You Letters

If you want to express your gratitude in a meaningful way, buy some blank thank you cards and write each of your employees a personalized message. Mention something specific they did recently that stood out in your eyes and let them know that you are grateful for all of their contributions.

Handwritten notes can be incredibly impactful. Plus, they can serve as permanent reminders if the employee keeps the message, allowing them to continue to motivate themselves with your kind words. Just make sure your letter feels genuine and personalized, as that makes them more meaningful.

Give Them More Paid Time Off

An extra day off (with pay) during the holiday season can be a great way to show your appreciation. This can include shutting down the workplace for a full day, such as on Friday after Thanksgiving, or providing every worker with a floating holiday that they can use within a designated window.

If you go with the latter option, you might need to create guidelines for its use and approval, especially if it has to be spent by a particular date. It won’t work for employee appreciation if it is impossible to use or incredibly inconvenient, so make it easy to take advantage of the extra paid time off if you want this reward to make a strong impact.

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