Six Reasons to Hire an Under-Qualified Employee and Train Them to Be an All-Star

Many hiring managers automatically discount under qualified candidates. However, these professionals can actually be an amazing hiring opportunity, giving you the ability to train them into becoming the kind of all-star you need.

Whether you handle your own hiring or work with staffing agencies in Wickliffe, Ohio, here are six times when hiring an under-qualified candidate can be a great idea.

High Aptitude

Some candidates are innately talented. They acquire new skills quickly and have risen through the ranks at a faster than average pace, making it clear that they are incredibly capable. Even if they haven’t acquired all of the skills or experience you would typically look for, there is a good chance that this job seeker will exceed your expectations.


Passion is an asset for both the employee and the employer. It helps workers deal with challenges and often leads them to stay on top of trends. Plus, they may be highly dedicated to continuous learning, both on the job and during their own time. Their enthusiasm can even be infectious, improving morale on their team or across the whole company.

Soft Skills

At times, a candidate won’t have all of the technical skills you are hoping to find, but they shine when it comes to soft skills. Soft skills are incredibly valuable, and they aren’t as easily taught as hard skills. If you find a strong communicator and adept problem-solver with a willingness to learn, they can often be shaped into a top performer with time.


Many under-qualified candidates are relatively new to their field. As a result, there is room for substantial growth, particularly since they are likely still enthusiastic and aren’t close to burning out.

No Bad Habits

When you meet an under-qualified candidate, there’s a good chance that you won’t have to correct many (if any) bad habits if you hire them. Since they don’t have as much experience in certain areas, you don’t have to correct any approaches or behaviors that might clash with your culture or hinder their performance.

Mold Your Ideal Employee

In many ways, an under-qualified candidate is like being given a semi-blank slate. You have the ability to shape or mold their skills and behaviors, essentially crafting them into your ideal employee by training them based on your processes, procedures, and priorities.

Are You Looking for Your Next All-Star Employee?

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