Three Ways to Help Employees Find Meaning at Work

When it comes to engagement and productivity, companies should never underestimate the power of meaningful work. When professionals feel that their contributions make a difference beyond impacting the company’s bottom line, they are often more adept at facing challenges thanks to the intrinsic reward of being part of something greater than themselves. 

The concept doesn’t just apply to your permanent staff either. Temporary workers through staffing agencies in Perry, Ohio also tend to perform better when they believe that their work is meaningful. If you want to help your employees find the meaning in their work, ensuring that they aren’t just showing up and going through the motions, here’s what you need to do. 

Build the Connection 

In order to make every employee’s tasks more meaningful, you need to build a bridge between the activity and the larger impact. Consider how their contributions affect the company at-large as well as the world beyond your company’s walls. Then, explain to them how their daily activities bolster broader goals and help others, including their coworkers or the organization’s customers. 

Without a solid explanation, it can be hard for employees to understand how their role influences the bigger picture. Often, it can feel a bit ambiguous, and some may struggle to find the connection on their own. By essentially mapping it out for them, you are giving them a new source of motivation. This enhances engagement and productivity, and even influences overall job satisfaction. 

Make It Personal 

Once you build the connection between their work and broader goals and missions, go a step further and make it personal. When an employee can see how their efforts impact their personal lives, their duties become even more meaningful. 

For instance, show them how a project will lead to home life improvements that may benefit them. Show them how their local community will be a better place once the work is done. If there is a way to bridge their work and home lives, make it happen, as that will make their responsibilities even more meaningful. 

Empower Them to Face Challenges 

Not all meaningful work is easy. Your employees will often face challenges and may even struggle during tasks that provide the most value. While you can’t mitigate all of the potential obstacles, creating a culture that empowers and supports them during difficult times makes a world of difference. 

Support and empowerment can come from a variety of directions. Everything from thanking them for their effort to ensuring they have the right tools for the job can fall into this category. The idea is to arm your teams with what they need to succeed, whether that be a kind word, access to your expertise, or the best technology for handling their duties. 

Similarly, ensuring that you have the right number of employees to handle the workload is part of supporting your team. Being shorthanded increases stress, which can make the work more burdensome. By right-sizing your staff, you ensure that you have the proper level of expertise and don’t have to overwork your employees, leading to higher quality outputs and better morale. 

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