A Look at the Best Trends on Recognizing Employees for the Success and Achievements

Recognition is a critical component of any company’s culture. Without it, you may struggle to retain your best and brightest employees, as they may feel that their efforts are going unnoticed. 

Whether you want to acknowledge the achievements of your permanent team members or accomplishments made by short-term workers you secured through staffing firms in Cleveland, Ohio, choosing the right approach is critical. With that in mind, here are the best recognition trends to follow today. 


Employees often have different desires when it comes to recognition. As a result, companies are increasingly personalizing the rewards, ensuring each worker receives something that provides them with the most meaning. 

For example, younger employees may appreciate tuition reimbursement, while older workers may not. Some professionals may be comfortable with being praised publicly, while others may become anxious if they are singled out, even if it is for a positive contribution. 

Consider what each of your employees may value if you want to reward their achievements or successes. That way, you can select options that best align with their needs and preferences, creating a bigger impact. 


Only doling out praise during annual reviews is no longer sufficient. Instead, companies need to recognize accomplishments more frequently, ideally quickly after the success occurs. 

Waiting until an annual review poses two risks. First, managers may forget significant achievements, causing them to go unrecognized. Second, employees may feel undervalued throughout the year, making them less engaged or even frustrated by the lack of recognition. 

While you don’t need to do something major every time there is a positive outcome, make sure to go the extra mile on big achievements and recognize smaller successes at least verbally. A heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way, especially when it comes to keeping your team motivated, so don’t forgo this small gesture whenever something goes right. 


While not every employee enjoys being singled out in front of a big group, that doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate other forms of publicity. Make recognition public without putting people on the spot by including details in other communication channels. 

For instance, you could add a segment to the monthly company newsletter or other announcements. You can send out a company-wide email showcasing what the employee accomplished. In all of these cases, the praise is public without requiring the employee to step into the spotlight, ensuring their achievements are known while ensuring everyone is comfortable. 

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