4 Reasons to Consistently Update Your LinkedIn Profile to Maximize Your Personal Branding

Your personal brand can have a big impact on your job search success. Personal branding helps differentiate you from the competition, increasing the odds that you can land one of the more coveted jobs in Solon, Ohio, or anywhere else. 

LinkedIn can be an incredible personal branding tool, but only if you use it properly. Consistently updating your LinkedIn profile is a critical step if you want to establish and cement your personal brand. If you are wondering why you should make these updates, here are four reasons doing so can help you maximize your personal branding. 

1. Shows You Are Tech-Savvy

If you have a barebones LinkedIn profile that hasn’t been updated in ages, many hiring managers may wonder if you struggle with technology or are resistant to participating in the digital world. Both of these points can work against you, particularly as more and more positions involve interacting with various technologies to accomplish day-to-day tasks. 

By updating your LinkedIn profile regularly, you add “tech-savvy” to your personal brand without having to actually say it. In today’s digital world, that can be an invaluable addition. 

2. Highlights Recent Accomplishments

Hiring managers are increasingly accomplishment-oriented when evaluating candidates. If you don’t take the time to update your LinkedIn profile regularly, the last achievement you listed may seem out-of-date. Similarly, if it has been a while since you’ve added an accomplishment, some may wonder if you aren’t excelling in your field any longer. 

Since much of personal branding relies on asserting yourself as an expert in your field, not updating your achievements works against you. In contrast, by adding new accomplishments regularly, you will look like a tour de force in your area of expertise, which enhances your personal brand. 

3. Makes You Seem Active in Your Industry or Field

On LinkedIn, you have the ability to share content that either you created or that caught your eye. While many may assume this isn’t the case, you can actually leverage this area of your LinkedIn page to elevate your personal brand. 

For example, if you post updates featuring recent news events in your industry, it shows that you actively monitor your industry to stay current or get ahead of the curve. By creating posts that discuss trends and how you view them, you can craft your voice and showcase your expertise. 

4. Keeps Your Profile Optimized

Standards and trends in the world of LinkedIn profiles change regularly. By updating your information frequently, you can adjust the content to best align with your personal brand and to meet the expectation of others. 

For example, your LinkedIn headline should be reviewed consistently and rewritten whenever it is either not the ideal reflection of you as a professional or when trends dictate taking a new approach. This ensures your personal brand is consistently optimized, making it easier to establish yourself as an expert and impress hiring managers when you initiate a job search. 

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