Four Team Builders That Don’t Involve Happy Hour or Alcohol

Having a positive culture can work wonders for productivity and morale. By incorporating some team building exercises into your staff’s schedule, you can help them bond and work more efficiently as a group, making the workplace a happier and higher functioning place.

Plus, by including your contingent workers from staffing firms near Euclid, Ohio and your permanent employees, you can make sure everyone is prepared to work well together. If you are looking for fun team builders that don’t involve happy hour or alcohol, here are four to try.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be an enjoyable way to spend an hour or two. Plus, they promote teamwork and observational skills, both of which can benefit the workplace.

As a bonus, scavenger hunts can be conducted nearly anywhere. Whether you want to head to a local park, spend some time wandering through your city, or need to keep everyone in the office, you can still have a fun team-building time.

Laser Tag

If you aren’t opposed to heading off-site, laser tag can be an excellent team builder. It teaches people to remain alert, think on their feet, and work together. Plus, someone may have a chance to assume a leadership role, and creating a plan of attack can enhance planning and organization skills as well as how to use resources wisely.

By switching up the teams between rounds, you can also make sure that one group doesn’t end up with a long-term advantage. This also gives employees who might not often interact a chance to bond.

Escape Room

When it comes to group problem-solving, it’s hard to beat an escape room. Teams go into a predesigned space and have to solve puzzles to “escape” the room. Along with problem-solving, escape rooms promote teamwork, critical-thinking, creative-thinking, and time management (since most escape rooms are timed). It may also allow someone to work as a leader, giving them leadership experience in a fun way.

Blindfolded Drawing

Teamwork, communication, and problem-solving can all be taught through a blindfolded drawing exercise. How this team builder works is one employee sits in front of a large piece of paper and set of colored markers. Next, that worker puts on a blindfold.

Then, the remaining team members are shown a simple picture, usually a colorful drawing featuring a range of familiar shapes. After seeing the image, those team members direct the blindfolded employee, trying to get them to recreate the picture even though they can’t see it (or what they are actually drawing).

Ultimately, all of the team builders above can be fun and functional, and none of them make alcohol part of the experience.

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