The Key to Charting a Path for Younger Managers Within Your Workforce

Younger managers are often future-oriented. They may be wondering what kind of difference they will make in the organization and what steps need to be taken to advance their career. If there are not professional development opportunities at your company, some may even be exploring positions with your competitors that can help them get ahead.

Ultimately, if you want to retain your best young managers, you need to assist them with charting their career path within the company. This gives them a clearer picture of the future and shows that you support their long-term goals.

Whether your younger manager received their position thanks to an internal promotion or was hired from outside of the organization or through one of the leading staffing agencies in Hiram, Ohio, here are the steps you need to take to get them on the right track.

Schedule a Meeting to Create a Plan

Charting a career path isn’t something that can be done on the fly. It will take a little time and energy, as well as input from the younger manager.

Ideally, you want to have a sit down meeting with the manager. That way, you can both focus on the task at hand and create a viable 3- or 5-year plan.

As you discuss where their future can take them, work to identify the manager’s goals and individual needs or preferences. Then, you can align these with company objectives and priorities, creating an approach to development that meets everyone’s criteria.

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Be Clear About the Timing

Since a career path usually involves pay raises and promotions along the way, you want to make sure that the younger manager understands when certain steps are likely to take place. Outline the number of weeks or months it will probably take to move from one stage to the next, emphasizing that the situation can change.

It is also crucial to note that nothing is guaranteed. For example, if the manager needs to reach specific milestones to advance and they fall short, then the raise or promotion can be delayed. This point needs to be abundantly clear. Otherwise, they may have unrealistic expectations.

Provide Them with Opportunities

Once you both agree on a direction, work to facilitate their growth by providing them with access to opportunities. This can include formal training, mentoring, cross-training, and access to resources, ensuring they can learn and advance.

Check in Every Quarter

Once a quarter, you should sit down with the younger manager again to evaluate their progress and, if needed, update the plan. This allows you both to assess how far they have come and to make sure that the goals still align with the manager’s and company’s needs and preferences.

Plus, you can update any relevant timetables. Since the state of the company can shift over time, letting the manager know if things may move more quickly or slowly is a smart addition to the conversation.

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