Diversify Your Approach to Employee Retention: Navigating Generation Gaps

Not all professionals have the same priorities or preferences. They have different expectations of their employers, influencing what you need to offer if you want to improve retention rates.

Being able to effectively navigate generational differences is essential if you want to keep your best and brightest on staff. Since each group’s needs are unique, you need to embrace a range of tactics to ensure they remain happy on the job. Whether you want to improve your permanent staff’s retention rates or are working to keep your contingent workers from staffing agencies in Wickliffe, Ohio engaged, here are some tips for diversifying your approach to employee retention.

Consider Employee Career Stages

Workers at different points in their career paths have different priorities. For example, those who are closer to the beginning of their career are likely focused on learning new skills and finding opportunities to advance.

In contrast, professionals who are closer to the end of their career won’t be as concerned with advancement. Instead, they may be seeking options for planning their lives after they exit the workforce or flexible arrangements that enable them to transition from full-time to something less demanding before they decide to retire.

By breaking down the arch of a career into segments, you can examine what employees in each of those sections may value. This allows you to create options that speak to their professional needs, ensuring you can provide the right benefits to the proper individuals.

Speak to Your Team

Every employee is an individual regardless of their generation. Even if they belong to a specific group, that doesn’t mean their priorities align with the stereotypes associated with their age.

The only way to determine if what you have to offer is meeting the needs of your workforce is to talk with them directly. Find out what they expect from their employer, if there are any nice-to-have benefits that they are seeking, or if something could be done differently to make them more inclined to stay long-term.

Ideally, you want to speak with each worker privately or use an approach that allows every to contribute their thoughts without interruption or pushback, like an employee survey. This enables them to share their opinion without interference, giving them a chance to be fully heard.

By allowing everyone to speak out and viewing your employees as individuals, you avoid creating a forced one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t actually work for everyone. Just make sure to be open and adaptable. That way, you can embrace a range of tactics that can be selected for each individual, increasing the effectiveness of your benefits and raising your retention rates.

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