Is Your Style at Work Sending Mixed Signals About Your Commitment Levels?

Every person has a unique communication style. How you speak gives other people impressions about how you feel, your sense of worth, and your level of commitment to your role. When not properly managed, it is possible for your communication style to send mixed signals to your manager and coworkers.

Whether you are looking for new jobs in Painesville, Ohio and want to make sure your communication style is appropriate or simply wish to showcase your commitment in your current role, having the right approach to communication is a must. If you are wondering if yours needs an overhaul, here are some signs that a change may be necessary.

People Don’t Respond Well to You

During a conversation, you can usually gauge how a person feels about what you are saying. If they become defensive or argumentative, use closed-off body language, or have a negative facial expression, it is pretty clear that you are not being received well.

While the reason for a reaction such as those can vary, there are a few common culprits. For example, if you are aggressive or too pushy, that could be to blame. In these cases, you may be viewed as a know-it-all who is trying to force their perspective on others, even if that isn’t your intention. However, it leads people to doubt that you are an open-minded team player, and that can hurt your career.

Being overly critical or negative also has the same impact. If you only have pessimistic things to say, people may assume that you are dissatisfied in your role or even burning out, regardless of whether that is true. If you are actually passionate about your work, but always speak negatively of new ideas or potential solutions, you are definitely sending mixed signals.

If all you are doing is talking, instead of pausing to genuinely listen to the other person’s reply, that’s another possible issue. It conveys the idea that you don’t respect their input or aren’t willing to hear them out. As a result, they may doubt your commitment to the team, department, or even the organization.

When you speak to someone, observe how they react and when. This can give you insights into the exact moment that things took a turn, allowing you to identify problems and correct them.

People Don’t Believe You

When you make a verbal commitment, do managers and coworkers believe that you will follow through? If the answer is no, then something is amiss.

Usually, if your colleagues don’t take you at your word, it’s because you have failed to keep previous commitments. As a result, what you say and what you typically do don’t align.

While some may assume you are lazy or not trustworthy, there are other causes for this kind of disconnect. For example, if you never say “no” when asked to take more on, and end up overloading yourself, your communication style is setting you up for failure. Learning to say “no” and to set boundaries may be a shortcoming you need to address. Otherwise, you will struggle to make headway in this area.

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