Six Ways to Be a More Reliable Employee

Reliability is always seen as an asset. People seek it out when they buy cars, make friends, and connect with colleagues. However, even knowing that being reliable can help your career, not everyone is as skilled at it. Luckily, there are methods that can help nearly anyone improve.

Whether you have landed one of the exciting Mentor, Ohio career opportunities or are looking for a new job and want to make a great impression, here are six ways to be a more reliable employee.

Be a Proactive Communicator

A person who meets their commitments is usually seen as reliable. However, there are instances where a delay is both unexpected and unavoidable, leading you to believe that making the deadline isn’t possible.

If you are aware that you can’t keep a promise, don’t keep that thought to yourself. Instead, be a proactive communicator and let the person know that there is a problem and give them an overview of the cause. While they may not be happy initially, they will respond to this better than if you informed them at the last minute or simply missed the deadline without any warning.

Manage Your Commitments

You don’t have always to say “yes” to be seen as reliable. In fact, if you are always taking on tasks and overload yourself, making it impossible to keep every commitment, you are actually harming your reputation.

While you might not be able to say “no” to every request, don’t accept additional responsibility haphazardly either. Consider whether you can complete the task on time and to the required standard. If the answer is “no,” then discuss it with the person and let them know why you can’t take on the work.

Be on Time

One of the simplest ways to show you are reliable is to always be on time. This includes not only arriving at the start of your workday but also to meetings or any other appointment with managers or coworkers.

Align with Reliable People

If you struggle with reliability, surrounding yourself with reliable people can help. You can use them as examples, learning by watching what they do. Plus, you may be viewed as more reliable by association, as long as you continue to make positive strides.

Similarly, if you usually spend time with unreliable people, consider reducing the time you spend with them. Bad habits almost seem contagious, and peer pressure is hard to ignore. By removing them from the equation, success may be easier to achieve.

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Another option that can help workers who struggle with reliability is to under promise, but over deliver. Essentially, you can give yourself extra room to handle the unexpected, ensuring you can keep your commitments. Similarly, if you keep expectations reasonable about the results of your work, you don’t have to worry about a harder than expected task harming your reputation.

Be Honest About Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, so the occasional misstep isn’t inherently a problem. However, not dealing with the situation properly can be damaging to your reputation.

In nearly every case, being honest and upfront about your mistakes is the best approach. Don’t try to hide from them or make excuses. Instead, discuss the issue briefly and then focus on how you can fix it. If you are able to address the problem quickly, your reputation of reliability will remain intact.

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