A Look Back at the Top 3 HR Posts from 2018

As 2018 reaches an end, it’s an excellent time to pause for a moment and review great sources of information that became available during the past year. As one of the top temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, we wanted to showcase some of our most popular articles.

Here are three of our most popular HR posts for 2018 that are just as relevant today as they were the day they were written.

The Increasing Trend of Temp Hires in Cleveland, Ohio

In 2018, hiring temporary workers to fulfill a variety of business needs became an increasingly prevalent in the Cleveland area.

As discussed in the article, The Increasing 2018 Trend of Temp Hires in Cleveland, Ohio, more and more professionals are interested in short-term assignments, leading to a higher number of skilled subject-matter experts being available. Additionally, the approach allows companies to hire quickly while accessing the precise skills they need for each project.

Overall, hiring temporary employees can be a cost-effective method for accessing hard to find skills that you don’t always need on-hand.

The Guide to Onboarding New Temporary Employees

While most companies know that workers who feel welcome in an environment are more likely to thrive in their environment, not all of them have a comprehensive onboarding program for their short-term employees.

In Helping Your New Hires Fit In: The Guide to Onboarding New Temporary Employees, we not only discuss the importance of proper onboarding but also how you can handle the task right.

By following the included tips, you’ll understand the value of assigning new hires buddies, how socializing can promote a sense of togetherness, and the importance of clearly articulating your expectations at the beginning of their assignment.

Creative Interview Questions for Better Candidate Screening

Every interview is a fact-finding mission, and you need to ask smart questions if you are going to uncover the details you need to make a wise hiring decision. While certain tried and true questions can help, asking something that the candidate doesn’t necessarily expect may lead to interesting revelations you would otherwise miss out on.

In the piece, Creative Interview Questions to Help You Better Screen Potential New Hires, we discuss three questions that can provide you with the most value, allowing you to identify top talent quickly and efficiently.

By reviewing the posts above, you gain access to helpful information that can set you up for greater success during the upcoming year.

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