A Look Back at the Top 3 Career Growth Articles from 2018

If you’re like most professionals, the new year signals a time to excitedly look toward the future and consider what it may hold. Whether you are working one of the exciting jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, or are hoping to land something new, making the most of 2019 is likely one of your primary goals.

To help you get ahead, here is a look back at the top three career growth articles from 2018 that are chocked full of information to help you achieve success in the new year.

Using Social Media to Increase Your Chances of Finding a Job

Social media has become a powerful tool in the hiring process, both for employers and job seekers. By harnessing the power of social media, you can locate exciting opportunities that you may otherwise miss, which may help you land a new position faster.

In 15 Things to Do on Social Media to Increase Your Chances of Finding a Job, you find valuable tips to make the most of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms when you are looking to identify a great opportunity. Some of the information focuses on how you can improve your profile to be more attractive to hiring managers while others concentrate on techniques that will help you learn about vacancies.

By using all 15 tips, you can significantly increase your odds of finding a job through social media, making this article a must read for every job seeker.

How to Stop Wasting Time to Be More Effective

When it comes to productivity, practically nothing is more harmful than getting sucked into activities that aren’t work related or allowing fear to hold you back from starting on a task.

In the article, How to Stop Wasting Time to Be More Effective in 2018, we discuss the various time-wasters that may prevent you from being your most productive self, as well as tips on how to eliminate them from your day. Plus, we include points on how to motivate yourself to succeed, allowing you to encourage yourself to be even more efficient.

Together, these tips can make a world of difference, giving you the ability to accomplish more in less time.

Personal Branding and Improving Your Career

Your personal brand plays a critical role in your career, so making sure that it is the best reflection of you as a professional is essential.

In Three Ways to Transform Your Personal Brand to Improve Your Career, you’ll find tips for enhancing your brand, allowing you to establish yourself as a subject-matter expert and helping you catch the attention of hiring managers when you apply to vacant positions.

Ultimately, the three posts above provide a significant amount of value, making them wise choices when you are looking for information that can help you thrive today and in the years to come.

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