Come Prepared! The Key to Looking Ready and Prepared for Your Interview

When you come in for an interview, you need to make a positive impression, and how you appear is part of that equation. Looking ready and prepared isn’t challenging, but it is a necessity. Otherwise, the hiring manager may form negative impressions about you before you’ve even had a chance to say hello.

Whether you are pursuing first shift opportunities or prefer working second shift in Cleveland, here are some tips that can help you look ready and prepared for your next interview.

Select Your Outfit in Advance

Scrambling on the morning of your interview to choose your attire isn’t likely to yield the best results. You may accidentally select something that isn’t in the best repair, not have time to iron your clothes, or even pick out items that don’t coordinate properly.

If you want to look polished for your interview, select your outfit the night before. Examine each article of clothing for stains, holes, or other indications that it isn’t in the best condition. Then, make sure everything looks and smell clean, and try everything on to make sure it fits properly, especially if you haven’t worn the outfit in a while. Finally, take a moment to iron or de-wrinkle your clothing.

Use the same level of care when choosing your shoes and accessories. Make sure your shoes are clean and that your belt coordinates, if you wear one. Limit your use of accessories so that they complement your attire but aren’t distracting.

Pack One Bag

Carrying in multiple bags to an interview can make you look disheveled and unorganized, so it’s best just to bring one. Choose a briefcase, messenger bag, or similarly professional option that can manage everything you need to bring with ease.

Then, the night before your interview, pack your bag with all of the items you need to bring. Place copies of your resume inside, using a sturdy folder if your bag doesn’t have enough structure to prevent them from being wrinkled or damaged. Add a notepad and a pen, giving you the ability to take notes, as well as information about your references.

You may also want to put your wallet and keys in there as well, ensuring everything is ready to go. That way, when you get ready to head out for your interview, everything is in one place.

Be Ready to Sit Empty-Handed

When you are waiting for the hiring manager to take you back for your interview, it can be tempting to enjoy a beverage, get lost in your smartphone, or otherwise entertain yourself. However, if you are scrambling to set things down or put items away when the hiring manager moves in to shake your hand, you won’t look very prepared.

While it can be challenging just to sit and wait, remember, its usually for only about 10 minutes. Take the time to observe the workplace, making a note of how people are dressed, how they speak to each other, and any signs that indicate details about the environment or culture.

You can actually learn a lot during this period. Plus, you’ll be ready to jump up and head into the hiring manager’s office the second they arrive, which makes a great impression.

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