Best Practices for Connecting and Hiring Recent College Graduates

When you’re looking to fill an entry-level position, a recent college graduate may be the ideal candidate. These newly-minted professionals have the latest knowledge in their field and are often excited to land their first opportunity regardless of whether they apply directly or through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio.

But connecting with recent college graduates may require a different approach to recruitment. If you want to recruit and hire these professionals, here are some best practices to follow.

Think Mobile

Most recent college graduates aren’t just comfortable with their smartphones; they rely on them. That means you need to keep this in mind when you’re recruiting.

If your application process isn’t mobile-friendly, you might miss out on great talent. Having to switch over to a computer to apply isn’t particularly convenient, and the job seeker may assume that your company is behind the times, causing them to lose interest.

Similarly, your job listings themselves need to be in a mobile-friendly format. Try to avoid large blocks of text that may be hard to read on smaller screens, and eliminate the need to side-scroll whenever possible.

Get Social

Social media is an excellent tool for recruiting, especially members of the younger generations. If you don’t have company social media accounts, now is the time to set them up. And, if you do, then use them to announce vacancies.

You have a choice; you can add the information to your primary social media accounts or set up a secondary account specifically for recruitment efforts. Which approach is ideal depends on how heavily you use social media for other activities, as you don’t want vacancy announcements to get lost in the mix if your business is a heavy user.

Adjust Your Screening Process

Most recent college graduates have little to no experience in their field. If you want to connect with these professionals, then you need to make sure your screening process doesn’t eliminate them from contention too early.

Since many companies use automated screening, make sure you adjust the requirements to make it through this stage in a way that allows new degree holders to make it through. For example, limit what needs to be listed in the work history segment of their resume, and be more open to finding keywords in other sections.

Similarly, you need to identify what criteria you want to find when reviewing applications from recent college graduates. This can include specific degrees or coursework, particular skills, or any other parameters that will help you separate out the top candidates from the rest of the job seekers.

Ultimately, recruiting and hiring recent college graduates means you’ll need to tweak your process based on their unique situation. Without a few adjustments, you might miss out on job seekers with great potential and the ability to succeed in your open positions.

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