The Secret to Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions as 2018 Continues

It’s easy to be excited about your New Year resolutions on January 1, but keeping up the momentum can be a challenge, even if they involve advancing your business.

Whether you are looking to expand into new markets, hoping to ramp up production with the help of employees through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or simply want to streamline your operations, finding a source of motivation is key. To help you do just that, here are some secrets for sticking to your New Year resolutions throughout 2018.

Make Sure They Are Realistic

If a goal is too ambitious, it’s harder to stay passionate about achieving them. Why? Because it is disheartening if you feel that you aren’t making sufficient progress, and that can lead you to abandon them all together.

Instead of losing hope, take a good, hard look at your resolutions and ask yourself, “Are they realistic?”

If not, then rework them so that they are challenging, but still achievable. Then, break them down into trackable milestones so you can more easily monitor your progress.

Prioritize Them

Most people create long lists of resolution, but too many goals can make it hard to focus and can easily lead to burn out if you are spreading yourself too thin.

Don’t let your resolutions run rampant by taking some time to prioritize them. Identify the one or two that mean the most to you, and concentrate your efforts on achieving those. If you get those handled, then reexamine your list and replace the completed goal with a new one. This makes managing the work associated with finishing a resolution feel more manageable, which can go a long way toward keeping you on track.

Find a Touchstone

No matter how important your resolutions may be to you, it’s hard to work toward achieving them alone. While you may not know anyone who is focused on the same goals, you likely do know someone who can function as a touchstone and will help keep you accountable.

Anyone from a friend to a coworker to your boss may be a suitable person, so pick someone you trust and let them know about your resolutions. Then, ask them to help keep you on target.

Don’t Let Resolutions Be a Source of Stress

People are often hard on themselves if they are struggling to achieve their goals. The intention of a resolution is not to have you feeling bad about yourself; they are supposed to function as a source of motivation.

It can help if you view your resolutions as a sign of what your current priorities are or a reflection of what matters to you most. Work to see them in a positive light, particularly if they allow you to make forward progress in your career. Remember, a step forward is always a good thing, even if you don’t accomplish a goal as fast as you originally hoped.

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