The Strategic Way to Ask Your Boss for More Money in 2018

Sometimes, you know you are due for a raise. Even if you’ve had numerous significant accomplishments or have simply been excelling in your role for some time, that doesn’t mean your manager is automatically going to offer you more money. Often, you have to initiate the conversation, and that isn’t always easy.

Luckily, you can ask your boss about a raise. Whether you currently work for one of the leading temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio or are permanently employed with an area business, here is a strategic approach for asking your boss for more money in 2018.

Learn the Standard

Before you start a conversation with your manager, you first want to understand what others working in similar positions are able to earn. Generally, this information can be found through a few resources online, giving you a point of comparison regarding whether you are truly underpaid for your skills and experience. The intention is to discover what a reasonable salary is, ensuring you are adequately informed before you put yourself on the line.

Prepare Your Case

Once you know what you can earn in your field, you need to support your request with additional evidence. This can include your recent accomplishment, quantifiable data on how you were able to reduce costs or increase profits, or other details that show you have a record of excellence.

Create a list of all of the relevant information and rehearse how you will present your points. Ultimately, you have to sell your boss on the idea, so hard evidence is always helpful.

Schedule a Meeting

Generally, blindsiding your manager with a request for a raise isn’t a wise move. Instead, schedule a face-to-face meeting with them as this guarantees you’ll have enough time (and privacy) to discuss your raise properly. You can mention that the conversation will focus on your salary, and may even want to send them some of your key points in advance, but avoid discussing how much you are hoping to get until you can have the conversation in person.

Know What You’ll Do If They Say “No”

Just because you ask for a raise, that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get one. While it may not be fun to think about, it is wise to know what your next steps will be if they refuse your request. Do you intend to quit? Would you like to get more information about how you can improve, so you can earn one in the future? Will the reasoning behind their response make a difference?

It is helpful to understand what you intend to do if they say “no” in advance as this allows you to prepare for a potentially difficult conversation, making it easier to manage should it be necessary.

By following the tips above, you can position yourself to handle the discussion professionally. And, should they say “no,” you’ll also have excellent starting information about what other opportunities may be out there if you decide to find a new position.

Are You Ready for a New Job in 2018?

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