A Look into the Top 3 Management Articles from 2017

As 2017 begins to come to a close, it’s a great time to look back on great sources of information from the previous year. As one of the leading temp agencies in Mentor, Ohio, we wanted to highlight our top three management articles from 2017, creating a year-end roundup that can help guide your actions as we enter 2018.

Each of the articles below features content that is as relevant today as the day it was written. Here is an overview of each piece.

Employee Wellness Initiatives

Since the new year is once again upon us, now is an excellent time to refresh your employee wellness initiatives.

As covered in the article, Relaunch Your Employee Wellness Initiatives Just in Time for the New Year, you can see this as an opportunity to look back at the past year’s success and forward to what the next year can provide. Begin by evaluating what worked and what didn’t during 2017, so you can create an effective strategy for making healthy choices and goal formation.

Then, get management to refresh their commitment to the program by vocalizing their support and spend some time getting to know your employees to understand their needs and interests in regards to the initiative. A little time is all it takes to craft a wellness program that will excite everyone and help them work toward a healthier new year.

Building a Talent Pipeline

In The Secret to Building a Talent Pipeline that Leads to All-Star Team Members, we discussed tips for recruiting high-caliber employees and enticing top talent to join your ranks. With unemployment remaining low, crafting a solid pipeline ensures you have access to the candidates you need when a vacancy arises, making it easier to fill open positions with workers who have the skills and abilities to shine in your workplace.

All of the points covered are as relevant today as they were in 2017, so revisiting these tips can help you prepare for all of your hiring needs for the upcoming year.

Understanding the Process Driven Employee

The workplace is filled with a mix of unique individuals who function best under specific circumstances. Part one of the Leading Different Personalities series focused on Understanding the Process Driven Employee, a worker who thrives in environments governed by strict guidelines and clear procedures.

Like every workplace personality, process driven staff members have distinct advantages in specific situations. Learning how to work with their needs and structure their duties in a way that sets them up for success doesn’t just benefit them, but your business as well.

Need to Increase Your Workforce in 2018

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