How to Re-Energize When You Start to Feel Burnt Out

Whether you’ve been working extra hours at your current employer or have simply been stuck doing the same job for longer than you initially planned, it is easy to start feeling the effects of burnout at work. This can make the thought of continuing with the same employer hard to bear, and the idea of new opportunities, such as Lubrizol jobs, especially enticing. However, there are methods to help you re-energize, allowing you to fight burnout and get back to your usual self. Here are a few options you can try today.

Take Your Breaks

If you’ve felt under the gun at work, you are often tempted to work through your breaks and sacrifice your lunch period to the task at hand. While this might be effective occasionally, making it a habit can have consequences, dragging down morale and making you resentful.

Instead, give yourself permission to make your breaks your own. Make sure to leave your desk or station and experience a change of scenery. If time allows, participate in an activity you enjoy too. For example, taking a quick walk can leave you feeling rejuvenated, or some quick stretches can release tension that built throughout the day.

Balance the Good and the Bad

Even as you begin to burn out, there are often at least a few tasks you find somewhat enjoyable while you’re on the job. To help motivate you through the duties you’ve begun to loathe, intersperse them with those you like. That way, the fun part of your job can serve as a reward for getting through the tough stuff, giving yourself something to look forward to and improving your motivation.

If you’re finding every task intolerable, try to take a few minutes to focus on how your contributions help with the company’s mission or reflect on a positive recent experience that made you smile. Sometimes, remembering the good parts about what you do can help you push through the day.

Say Something

One of the best mechanisms to fighting burn out is to find support. If you’re especially frustrated on the job, discussing it with someone close to you can help. They may be able to brighten your mood and provide you with a momentary distraction from the day-to-day. Let them know you don’t want to discuss work (so you can get a much-needed break) and focus on other aspects of your and their life.

Make a Change

In some cases, it may feel like burnout is inevitable. In those cases, it can sometimes be wise to make a change and find a new position. This can give you something exciting to look forward to and may lead to something that better meets your needs in the future.

Ready for a New Job?

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