Hiring for Seasonal Production Influxes: How to Staff Up for the Short-Term

Many companies operating in the manufacturing and warehousing sectors experience season fluctuations in production, requiring the amount of available staff to be brought up during these short-term influxes. But bringing on permanent employees and having to lay them off once production levels fall isn’t always an efficient approach.

Instead, working with a reputable industrial manufacturing and engineering recruitment agency to staff up can lower your financial obligations while ensuring you get the qualified workers you need. To help you manage this hiring process, here are some tips on working with a staffing firm for seasonal production influxes.

Determine Your Needs

When production is ramping up, you will likely be in need of a range of skills to meet your new goals. To make sure you get the right mix of top talent, it is important to determine exactly what positions you need to fill and what the candidates need to bring to the table. This helps recruiters find the right kind of job seekers for the jobs, allowing you to get the best short-term employees as quickly as possible.

You also want to decide how many hours your temporary staff will be working as far in advance as possible. Short-term job candidates may be open to part-time or full-time employment schedules, so try and calculate your actual needs as accurately as possible so that the right people can be assigned to their ideal shifts.

Create Training Programs

Depending on the duration of the upswing in production and the exact duties short-term staff members will be doing, their training needs will vary. Certain highly entry-level positions may require little more than a basic orientation and some general guidance on their responsibilities. Other more complex jobs may be more involved, requiring a longer, more formal approach.

Ideally, you want your temporary employees to perform to the same standards as your full-time staff, so make sure they are set up for success through adequate training.

Adjust as Needed

Often, you’ll have greater flexibility with short-term workers acquired through a staffing firm. You can add or release employees as you see fit, enabling you to adjust to unexpected production swings with ease. This means you don’t have to worry about long spans of being over- or under-staffed, allowing you to save money while maintaining a right-sized workforce.

If it looks like you would be well-served by some of the temporary workers staying on long-term, you can always work to extend their time with your company and even have the option of converting them into permanent employees. That means, if you have a superstar in your midst, you can make a job offer and see if they would like to stay. Many short-term staff members would be interested in long-term opportunities, so they will often be happy to have the chance to remain a part of the team.

Are You Looking to Increase Your Workforce?

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