Employee Wellness is Critical! Stop Ignoring it!

As healthcare costs continue to rise, stress is still the number one factor for employee burnout. These two things in concert can lead to increased absences or higher premiums for your business. One easy solution to implement is improved wellness initiatives in your office. Often, your team doesn’t feel as though they can dedicate the time to eating well or working out because of the professional demands placed on them. But by showing your staff that wellness is important to you, you can make it a priority for your skilled employees in Ohio Here are just a couple things to get you started.

Encourage Flu Shots

While we just past the worst part of flu season, it is good to start preparing early for the next one. When your staff is out sick, your productivity suffers. And, it can be even worse if your team decides to tough it out and brings the flu into the office. Consider bringing someone into the office to provide free or low-cost flu shots at the beginning of the next flu season. Work with our current healthcare plan to see what is available.

Provide Health Education

A good break for the day that also provides additional learning opportunities is to bring instructors in to promote healthy lifestyle changes. You could have a local chef demonstrate healthy cooking. Or hire a yoga teacher to do a session once a week. Encourage your staff to attend by giving them incentives. At the very least, it could be the perfect break to reenergize them in the middle of the day.

Design Positive Incentives

Speaking of incentives, it is universal that employees respond positively to rewards for good work. This may also work for building new health habits. It will be worth the monetary investment to retain good employees and reduce your overall healthcare costs. Create a weight loss club or a smoking cessation program.

Focus on Mental Health

Stress can be caused by so many factors and it can lead to physical health problems. But there could be a way to stop this from going too far. Helping your staff learn to deal with stressful situations can start them toward a path of good mental health. Offer shame-free options to address some of their concerns.

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