How to Brand Yourself as a Thought Leader and How That Can Lead to Hiring Better Employees

You’ve probably already encountered them in your career. From the temp agencies in Willoughby Ohio to the boardrooms of America’s largest corporations, they are the individuals who have insightful ideas and thoughts. And they get results because they can influence and inspire everyone around them. There is a name for them that aptly describes them—they are thought leaders.

What is a thought leader?

The person who can identify trends and patterns—often before they happen—and applies that insight toward getting results, is a thought leader. These leaders are well versed on what’s going on in their field today, and they are willing to speculate on what is going to occur in the future.

But don’t confuse thought leaders with the know-it-alls who are ready to chime in on any conversation. Thought leaders provide keen perception and opinions on their particular industry. That’s why they are viewed as being a trustworthy go-to source among their colleagues in the industry.

Many thought leaders are in the upper echelons of their corporations, but in today’s workplace, employees are being encouraged to share their ideas no matter where they stand in the company’s hierarchy. That means that anyone can now become a thought leader.

Brand yourself as a thought leader

Thought leaders have built their experience and established their credibility over the long term. They launched their thought leadership based on the strength of the onsite and online community that they have developed.  And they have fostered an identity that will give them an opportunity to shed new light on a topic and elicit a response.

Their credibility comes from combining their expertise with a healthy dose of humility and honesty and a passion for helping their audience. Here are some steps you could take toward becoming a thought leader:

  • Start writing: You can start out by creating a blog. Develop a following of regular readers on your blog and guest post on other industry-related blogs. Eventually, you can branch out and get your articles into better-known publications.
  • Go to networking events: The more people you can add to your network, the more potential you have of becoming a thought leader.
  • Find guest speaking opportunities: While speaking to a live audience, you can explain and define your topics, and share your insights with them directly.

Potential employees should be reading your posts

People want to work for the best companies. When leaders are willing to share their expertise through written content, they build excitement and pride within the organization, which gives them a leg up when it comes to hiring the best talent.

Some companies send written content about their business and industry to candidates before an interview. They feel it gives the potential employee a better understanding of the industry, and the interview questions can be more focused as a result.

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