Make Your Job Application Stand Out From the Rest

You’re applying for your dream job. The Instrument Technicians in Painesville have good-paying jobs with comprehensive benefits, and you would like to join them.

You have a professional looking resume and a well-written cover letter. Guess what, it might not be enough! It’s been estimated that the average job opening elicits around 250 applications. Most of them will be screened out, leaving 30 or 40 resumes for the hiring manager to peruse. Out of those, he may invite five for an interview. Two of those will get a second interview. One will be chosen.

If you don’t like those odds—and you probably don’t—you need to make your application stand out from the crowded field. If you believe that your experience and an organized resume are all you need to impress a recruiter, you’ll be stuck in the middle of the pack instead of out in front where you’ll be noticed.

Technology has provided hiring managers with more tools to help them assess and qualify applicants. You can also use it to your advantage. And while your resume and cover letter are still a crucial part of the application process, that’s all they are—a part of it.

Social media: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Social media can be used by recruiters to eliminate you as a candidate. On the other hand, if you come across as mature and responsible, it could work in your favor. When hiring managers Google your name and start going through your Facebook page, for instance, what will they encounter? Foul language? Wanton remarks about a previous employer? Inappropriate pictures? Bigoted comments?

Your life unfolds before the recruiter’s eyes, and even though the postings were meant to be humorous, they could be your death knell. Make sure you are telling the recruiter a story about yourself that portrays you as an intelligent, energetic, and serious-minded future employee. Don’t let social media disqualify you before you even get the chance to explain how you could help their company.

Add a personal website to your arsenal

There are many free website builders out there today, so there is no reason for not adding your personal website to your other job-hunting tools. Employers want to know more about candidates than just their experience. They also want to be confident they take pride in their work and will be a good fit for their company’s culture. You can display all of that on your website.

Workfolio, a firm that develops applications for professional visibility, reports that most recruiters are more impressed by an applicant’s personal website than any other personal branding tool. Despite this, only 7% of job seekers have a personal website!

Your resume still matters

Social media and personal websites, necessary parts of your job-hunting arsenal, have not taken the place of a properly laid out and crisply written resume. Resumes continue to be a critical element in your job search. Just make sure yours looks professional because if it doesn’t, it has the potential to do as much harm as your Facebook page.

Ready to start your job hunt?

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