Something for Chemical Operators in Avon Lake to Ponder: Is Your Current Job Helping or Hurting your Relationship?

You might thoroughly enjoy your job working with other Chemical Operators in Avon Lake, but you just may benefit from giving some thought to the effects your job is having on your most important relationship—the one you have with your significant other.

Some careers would seem to be perfect candidates for high divorce rates. But jobs such as pilots, firefighters, and military personnel, all unquestionably high-stress occupations, do not show up on any lists of jobs that have the highest divorce rates.

Which occupations are showing up on these lists? While you’re searching for that new job, it might make sense to add one more criterion to the list that already includes high pay, excellent benefits, and exciting work—you might consider including low divorce rate. Here are a few jobs that don’t typically cause relationships to fall apart:

Fall in love with an agricultural engineer

Yes, you read that right. The divorce rate for agricultural engineers is a minuscule 1.78%!

Here are some other occupations that fit comfortably on the low-divorce-rate list, along with their rates:

  • Optometrists: 4 %
  • Transit police: 5.25%
  • Sales Engineers: 6.6%
  • Podiatrists: 6.8%
  • Nuclear engineers: 7.3%

Now, here are a few from the other end of the spectrum:

Beware of dancers

It’s not too surprising to see dancers at the top of the list. After all, dancing is an intimate activity, and if you do it often, it’s bound to lead to romance. The divorce rate among dancers and choreographers is an astounding 43%!

Other jobs that too often lead to divorce:


Of course. They have the perfect setting to flirt. Their divorce rate: 39%.

Casino workers:

Gambling and drinking in a party atmosphere equal a divorce rate of 33%.

Other occupations with unusually high divorce rates include:

  • Factory workers: Hard to explain this–30%
  • Nurses: Unexpected 29% divorce rate
  • Entertainers and performers: Not hard to believe at 28.5%
  • Baggage porters: Who knows why?—28.5%
  • Roofers: Can’t figure out this one—27%

The biggest surprises are that entertainers aren’t on top of the list and roofers aren’t closer to the bottom.

There isn’t much in the way of identifiable patterns on these lists, so they might not be much help to someone trying to find a new job without endangering a relationship.

But look on the bright side. Even in the entertainment industry where musical-chair marriages tend to be the norm, over 70% of the nuptials do not end in divorce. The relationships of chemical operators in Avon Lake should be safe.