Three Reasons You Haven’t Gotten Hired For That Dream Job

Are you hoping to land a dream job as a material handler in Cleveland Ohio? The good news is that there are many stable companies in the area that offer above-average compensation and the ability to advance in the exciting world of manufacturing and wholesale. From companies like Anchor Manufacturing to WESCO International, there are multiple full and part-time career opportunities.

If this is the case and you have been applying for warehouse and industrial work, why haven’t you landed one of these dream material handler jobs yet? Here’s three reasons.

Do you have good references?

It’s one thing to present a nice resume to potential employers, but is anyone saying positive things about you? Every job seeker needs at least 3-5 outstanding personal and professional references. Potential employers check them carefully as they screen each individual candidate. You may have given out some references that you think are good, but they are hard to get in touch with for some reason (changed phone number for example). Take the time to connect with your references to see if they are still good, and if not, choose some new ones.

Are you hearing about ALL the material handler jobs in the area?

Looking online and through newspapers will only expose you to about 20 percent of the jobs actually available at any given time. This is because advertisement is expensive so employers use other means to find good people. They hire through temporary staffing agencies, word of mouth, and direct employee referrals. Make sure you are registered for work through a temporary agency that works with these companies.

The interviewing isn’t going so well.

Maybe it’s been difficult for the hiring manager to get in touch with you because you are working somewhere else, or your phone is unreliable, or perhaps you just didn’t give a great impression during an interview. Think about these things and do what you can to correct any problem areas. Brush up on positive interviewing skills, how to answer the most common interview questions, and how to highlight your qualifications in the next interview.

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