How Can You Decrease Employee Distraction During Working Hours?

As a human resource manager, it can be difficult to maintain a highly productive workforce. This is a growing concern in work environments where employees are continually distracted by mobile devices, social networking, and watching YouTube videos while on the clock. Combined with lower employee engagement levels, this means most workers are struggling to complete their daily tasks. Temp agencies in Cleveland know all too well the challenges of maintaining employees who are attentive to their jobs and no other personal matters.

If you want to get the most from your workforce, then you can put some policies in place that can help reduce employee distraction during work hours. Here are some ideas.

Create policies concerning BYOD and Internet use.

Before you can ask employees to stop using mobile devices for checking text messages during meetings and acting in other distractive ways, you must have policies in place. Temp agencies in Cleveland can give you a text sample policy for BYOD and Internet use. Have all employees read and sign off on the policy.

Ask all employees to turn cell phones off while at work.

As an employer, you can ask him please to turn their mobile phones off for down to vibrate mode during work hours. This can be as a safety measure and to reduce distractions for all workers and customers. However, it is important to make sure that employees have a telephone at their workstations or at least a central number where they can receive emergency phone calls.

Offer times that employees may check their email/texts/messages.

As a courtesy, you may want to provide at least 2 times each day when employees May freely check their mobile devices or messages or to surf the Internet. This can be during their lunch hour, and the last 30 minutes of their work day.

Provide meaningful and challenging work for employees.

Most of the time, please become distracted by other things because they are bored. This is especially true with Millennials who tend to get bored very easily because they think quickly and need to keep their minds active. Provide meaningful and challenging work tasks for your employees. If you find employees are distracted, side and offered them the chance to work on a new project or a sign them some tasks that are more suited to their skills.

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