Hiring Hourly Employees? How Can You Make Sure They Bring Their A Game Day After Day?

More than half of the US workforce is currently made up of hourly employees. This can also include temporary employees who work by the hour on contracts. However, these hourly employees may feel as if they are expendable because they’re not full-time salaried yet. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that they sometimes feel less important or less engaged in their work because they could be replaced at any time.

How can you improve the performance and engagement levels of your hourly employees so they bring their A-game to every day? Here are some helpful HR tips for managing your hourly employees.

Give Them Incentives and Recognition

Hourly employees are entitled to recognition and incentives just like salaried employees. You can increase retention rates and improve performance when you have meaningful incentives lined up for your hourly employees. This is especially true if you have hourly employees that are working long hours to complete a goal for the company. Reward your hourly employees for reaching important milestones such as 12 months of service or completing training programs. Even small incentives like gift cards and a percentage of profit sharing earnings can mean a lot to your hourly employees.

Create a Culture of Inclusion

Your hourly employees should be made to feel as if they are just as important to the company as the salaried staffers. Make sure they understand the vital role that they play for the company. Include them in all team meetings and decisions that are made at the department level. Give them the choice of flexible schedules, benefits, and other perks just like your hourly employees get. Everyone should feel included on the team and be respected at the same level. Eliminate the pecking order.

Make them Understand They Have a Future

Your succession plan should include plenty of room for moving hourly employees up into salary positions. Make sure every hourly employee has a description of their job and knows that there are opportunities for career advancement into a salaried role in the future. Whenever hourly employees understand that they have a chance to stay with your company for the long term, they are more apt to perform to higher standards and be more engaged in the company vision.

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