3 Ways to Motivate and Push Your Team to Greatness

We are in a candidate-driven market, therefore companies are finding it challenging to continue motivating their employees. With the lowest unemployment numbers in Ohio in the last five years, there are more jobs available to tempt employees to leave or greener pastures. As an HR Pro it’s up to you to help keep your employees motivated so they can be at their productive best, and retain them through the next few years.

Here are some employee motivation tips to push your team to greatness and improve employee loyalty.

Demonstrate to your employees that they are highly valued.

There are many ways to let the people who work so hard for your business know they are valued. For one, pay them well and give them access to a variety of benefits. Next, provide them with meaningful work and don’t overload them. Hire temps to augment your teams when things get busy. Promote people from within and give them plenty of opportunities to learn new skills.

Regularly recognize and reward your top performing teams.

A little praise can go a long way when it comes to employee motivation tips. Take the time to regularly recognize employees for a job well done. Leave thank you notes on the desks of your employees when they do nice things for other people. Recognize people in front of their peers when they do bigger things. Also recognize the day-to-day things that people do to increase the efficiency and productivity of their teams. Recognize individuals when they go above and beyond the call of duty. Reward your employees with little tokens of appreciation, bonuses, and lots of public recognition.

Match the right people for the right roles in your company.

To keep your teams motivated, hire the best people for the job. Look for candidates who have demonstrated high levels of motivation and a positive attitude in previous jobs. Not sure if you’re ready to hire? Bringing in a temporary employee or two and evaluate them for their work skills, knowledge, and ability to adapt to new situations. matching people to the right job means that they will be able to perform to the best of their ability without any barriers to success.

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