Employee Appreciation Shouldn’t Be Just Around Thanksgiving Time…

Every year, around the month of November and the holiday season, companies often schedule employee appreciation events.

This can be a fun time for employees and it’s often a way to help maintain productivity during the last push before the end of the year. While it’s a good idea to schedule employee appreciation events like this at least once a year, it’s even more beneficial for companies to express gratitude to hardworking employees every month.

Workforce studies have shown over and over again that when employees feel appreciated for their efforts:

  • They are happier and more productive
  • They actually work harder
  • They respond by being loyal to the company
  • They understand their value and purpose
  • They treat customers and peers better

All of these factors translate to employees who are willing to go the extra mile on behalf of the company, to help reach objectives and make the workplace more positive. Now, what if the focus of a once-a-year employee appreciation program was delivered on a regular monthly and even daily basis? How much more would the organization benefit?

Expressing appreciation is more than just saying thanks!

When it comes to creating a work environment where employees feel appreciated, it will require more than just a few extra thanks you’s. Here are some employee appreciation ideas that can be used anytime:

Team Outings

Take your group of employees out for lunch or to a sporting event once a month to thank them for a job well done. Great for team building and connecting outside of the office.

Monday Free Breakfast

Get your team pumped up and nourished for the day and week ahead with a free breakfast. Try healthy foods and a nice selection of beverages.

Gift Cards and Reward Points

Purchase gift cards for local vendors in bulk, or use a points system so employees can pick out a little something for themselves once in a while.

Birthday Parties

Once a month, have a group birthday party and honor the employees who were born in that month with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” sung together.

Customer Recognition – Let customers in on your employee appreciation efforts too by allowing them to provide feedback on individuals who go the extra mile.

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