Should You Really Wear a Tie to Your Next Interview?

A big part of planning for a job interview is deciding on what clothes and accessories to wear. For women, the option of wearing formal business attire that includes high heeled shoes, pencil skirts, neck scarves, and pantyhose may come to mind. For men, the option to wear a suit jacket, a fedora hat, button down shirts, and a necktie may be considered. In days gone by, these formal attire options were mandatory for looking prepared in an interview, but in today’s more casual work environment, they may be a bit much.

Is it ever okay to wear a necktie or other formal attire to a job interview? Here’s how to know.

First, what’s the corporate culture like?

If you are walking into a company where the corporate dress code includes jeans, t-shirts, and flip flop sandals, you could seem a bit overdressed and even stuffy if you wear a necktie to the interview. Instead, opt for a clean and pressed button down shirt and dress pants.

Secondly, consider the type of job role you are interviewing for.

Is it a professional level or client-facing role, like a sales job, a teaching position, or a management career path? These are considered to be situations where it is appropriate to wear a necktie and even a suit at times. This may be a good time to wear a necktie and business attire so that the recruiter can see you understand the dress code for a job like this. For women, you will want to consider wearing more formal business attire too, so you look the part.

Lastly, if you are not sure you can certainly reach out to the recruiter and ask.

Find out if there is a dress code policy in place for the company and if this job fits into a more formal role, you will want to wear a necktie or other formal attire to the interview. The good news is that if you dress conservatively enough, you can remove the tie if you walk into the interview and find that no one else at the company is doing so.

The point of all this is to look your very best and try to impress the hiring manager because you cared enough to look great.

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