Are You Looking for Your Best Candidates in the Right Location?

It’s become a candidate-driven market in the Painesville, Ohio area, since unemployment rates have dramatically dropped. This means that candidate sourcing has become more difficult, particularly for specialized skillsets in the technical and manufacturing industries. How can you know that you are looking for candidates in the right locations, or if you are merely spinning your wheels?

Finding the best candidates for your business is critical to successful team development and productivity – two factors that affect the bottom line. Therefore, you must be sure you are looking in all the right places for top talent. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do the candidates the company is attracting have the right skills and backgrounds?
  • Are current top performance employees comfortable with referring their colleagues?
  • Do employees tend to stick around before they’ve reached 12 months on the job?

If the answer is “No” to the above, then your company has not done a good job of attracting and hiring the best possible candidates. Try these tips for finding better candidates for the organization:

Partner with a Temporary Staffing Agency

For the same reasons that people come to your business when they want the best; when it comes to recruitment why not work with the pros? Partner with Vector Technical in the Painesville OH area for access to highly qualified and pre-screened candidates. This takes the guesswork out, and if you hire temp to perm employees, this gives you time to see their value early on.

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Head to Where the Best Talent Gathers

Step into the minds of your perfect candidates to discover where they are most likely to be found. For example, you may be seeking software developers in OH, so naturally you will find them participating in technology and software communities online, through social networking groups, and at local colleges as part of tech meetups. Market your company heavily as offering great careers.

Do a Better Job of Branding Your Company

What kind of brand reputation do you have in your industry that can attract top talent? If the company brand is weak, it’s time to work with your marketing team to improve this fast. Create a positive career website featuring new jobs, the generous compensation package, career development opportunities and profiles of your best people.

About Vector Technical Inc.

At Vector Technical, we pride ourselves on being employee retention specialists. We are a full-service staffing firm in Painesville whose goal is to consistently make the best match between employee and employer.If you’re looking to expand your workforce, contact our team of skilled recruiters today.