Looking to 2016 and the Potential a New Year Brings

The New Year is just days away and, for most companies, this is a great time to reflect on how the last 12 months have gone and there the next are headed. All things considered, the Columbus, Ohio region has grown and new businesses have added to a more positive economy. The unemployment rate is down and business growth is up. Now is the time to embrace this and look forward to the potential of a better year ahead.

How can your business plan for an extra great year in 2016? Here’s some ways to get started.

Start Evaluating Your Workforce Needs Now

Use the next week of quiet to conduct a workforce analysis of your current employee skills and abilities. Then make a list of skills and knowledge that are lacking. Talk with your staffing agents at Vector Technical to create a plan of action for your staffing needs in 2016.

Upgrade Your Current Systems

Now is also the time to review your current systems for managing your employees, your clients, and your workflows. This includes communication and computer systems, as well as software that’s used to manage operational needs. Start making a plan to upgrade things to remain competitive in the New Year.

Promote Top Performers

In the New Year, it’s time to take it to the next level by kicking your succession planning into gear. Promote from within for greater retention of your star employees, and hire for entry level positions. Temp employees can be the perfect addition to your team, starting them out positions where they can share their skills and talents with your workforce.

Grow the Business

Use a strategy to grow the business in a financially responsible manner with programs that reduce costs for administrative areas. For example, you can outsource your recruitment tasks by partnering with a staffing agency. Or you can reduce costs for training by hiring employees who are already skilled and have industry certifications.

2016 looks to be a prosperous year ahead and we here at Vector Technical wish your business the very best!