Boosting Employee Morale During the Summer (To Help Drive Productivity)

Summer is a time when most employees are feeling happy about all the nice weather, outdoor activities, and planned vacations. But it can also become a time when they become less interested in work, morale drops somewhat. Why? Employees would rather be busting out of the office early than focusing on work projects and team efforts. It becomes “every man for himself” in many workplaces.

How can the management team maintain high levels of employee morale and productivity during the summer? Here are some tips to help.

Relax on the work attire

One thing that will help raise morale in the workplace is to let employees wear more casual attire to the job. This costs nothing in terms of incentives, but it can help employees to feel more comfortable as they perform their duties. Choose jeans and t-shirts for starters. Communicate a summer work wear policy and broadcast it out by email.

Provide a more flexible schedule

The summer brings with it additional personal time demands because kids are out of school and there are many family activities. Therefore, it’s a good idea to loosen up a little with flexible schedules for the summer. Give employees the option to work longer hours four days a week and get half-day Friday’s off, for example.

Create a fun summer competition

During the summer, you can help boost employee morale by creating some fun that involves a challenge of some kind. Set a goal for the company, assign teams, and let the competition begin. Keep it friendly and provide incentives along the way.

Bring in summer temps

When deadlines are looming and the weather is heating up, employees can get stressed out. Offset this stress by contracting with a staffing agency and providing temporary employees to augment the workforce. This helps to raise morale and productivity.

Plan a company summer outing

During the summer, your best employees are giving it their all. Don’t they deserve something positive to look forward to, besides a paycheck? One great way to boost morale and productivity is to schedule an end of the summer celebration, complete with an employee recognition program.

If you want to give your employees a major boost this summer, why not get in touch with our recruitment specialists here at Vector Technical to find out about temporary staffers who can support your workplace? Contact us today for additional resources and support.


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